22 Things to Do More Often While Traveling

Colin Wright at a Heart Children fundraiser dressed as an Air New Zealand pilot


It’s always interesting flowing back into the more nebulous, impermanent lifestyle of a traveler after having a home-base for several months.

As a rule I tend not to do list posts, but this seemed like an important and timely one, as I’ve recently become homeless again and am vagabonding my way around New Zealand for a few more weeks.

So when you’re traveling, do this stuff every single time you get the opportunity:

Brush your teeth
Meet someone new
Use the toilet
Hug someone
Get a massage
Go where the locals go
Wash your clothes
Just sit and watch/listen
Eat a healthy meal
Leave a place better than you found it
Sit quietly and think
Do something ridiculous
Take someone out for coffee
Listen to unfamiliar music
Check out a gallery or museum
Surprise yourself
Take photographs from the hip
Read the local newspaper
Listen to a stranger’s stories

Trust me, do these things and you’ll get a lot more out of the experience, suffer a lot less stress and not come across as a typical (smelly) traveler as often.