31 Posts in 31 Days

Colin Wright grinning


So when I found out I was moving to New Zealand, I wanted to give myself a challenge for the first month, since I wouldn’t have a new language to learn like I did with Argentina.

I wasn’t totally correct about the whole language thing (Kiwi-English is a colorful and rich dialect, with a bit of a learning curve!), but I’m certainly glad I decided to try writing a blog post a day for the month of March.

Well 31 days and 31 posts later, he we are at the end of March. How time flies!

This past month has been amazing in a lot of ways, and there are a lot of new posts coming about my experiences here in New Zealand, but here I want to give a rundown of the ground that was covered in the posts that were published.

So in case you missed any, here is the Exile Lifestyle March Collection!