All 51 Things I Own

Everything I Own


One of the most popular posts ever here on Exile Lifestyle was All 72 Things I Own, wherein I took a photo of each and every object I owned in the world and was shocked to find that I had only 72 items.

Well that was back in November when I was living in Buenos Aires – a lifetime ago! – and seeing as how this is the 100th post here on Exile Lifestyle, I thought it would be a good time to revisit this concept and see how much I own now.

I had a vague notion that I wanted to be down to 50 items by the time I moved to New Zealand, and it looks like I met that goal. In fact, until today I was at 47 things…not too shabby!

But this morning a magical thing happened: 4 t-shirts arrived in the mail. T-shirts that I designed for Exile Lifestyle, my audience and myself. Yay! Oh wait. Guess I should have only ordered 3 shirts. Drat.

It’s okay, though. Because you know what? Rules were meant to be broken (especially rules created by you for a competition against yourself as part of a project also created by you).

I’ll continue to reduce as I stop using things (I imagine some of the other shirts I own will be on the cutting block soon), but at this moment I’ve got 51 and that’s just fine with me.

Below is a list of what you’re looking at in the photos above (in the same order). Click on any of the photos to be taken to it’s Flickr page where there is a more detailed description (including brands where applicable) and larger photo.

*It should be noted that I count some things together (the glasses and their case, for example) and I haven’t photographed the small tangle of cables I have to power the objects on the list. I also don’t include anything that is consumable (food, toilet paper, etc) or anything that I’m currently renting (my apartment in Christchurch, the furniture in it).

My 51 Things

  1. Button-down shirt
  2. Polo
  3. Long-sleeved shirt
  4. V-neck t-shirt
  5. V-neck t-shirt
  6. Graphic t-shirt
  7. Graphic t-shirt
  8. Graphic t-shirt
  9. Graphic t-shirt
  10. T-shirt
  11. T-shirt
  12. Jeans
  13. Jeans
  14. Pants
  15. Jacket
  16. Jacket
  17. Hoodie
  18. 3 pairs of boxers/boxer briefs
  19. 4 pairs of socks
  20. Shoes
  21. Flip flops (jandals!)
  22. Belt
  23. Workout shoes
  24. 2 workout shirts
  25. Workout shorts/ swim trunks
  26. Messenger bag
  27. Carry-on bag
  28. Sunglasses
  29. Wallet/contents/passport
  30. Notebook and sketchbook
  31. Pens and pencils
  32. Digital camera and case
  33. Tripod
  34. Phone and SIM cads
  35. Universal Adapter
  36. Laptop
  37. Laptop case
  38. 2 external hard drives
  39. iPod/armband/headphones
  40. Trimmer and shaver
  41. Glasses and case
  42. Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss