Howdy! I’m Colin Wright.

I’m an author and international speaker. I host a podcast called Let’s Know Things and co-founded a publishing company called Asymmetrical Press.

I’ve traveled the world full-time since 2009, moving to a new country every four months or so, each home determined by the votes of my readers.

I’m currently living in Wichita, Kansas (though I’ll be leaving for Tennessee in July), am learning to cook and play the piano, and spend a decent amount of time each day producing my podcast. I recently finished up a new book and am in the process of outlining another one.

Colin Wright speaking at The Last Bookstore

I’m originally from Northern California, but I grew up in central Missouri.

Growing up, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a chaos theorist or comic book illustrator, and I ended up pursuing a combined journalism and fine art trajectory in high school.

At university, I started out as a painting major, segueing my first year to a dual-emphasis in graphic design and illustration. I worked a handful of design- and technology-related jobs alongside my classes, and wrote news analysis columns for local newspapers.

I started my first business, a magazine, when I was 19. The effort went well, then flopped, which gave me my first taste of the sweet-yet-bitter field of entrepreneurship.

Colin Wright speaking at IOWA conference

I graduated from university, moved to LA, worked for a production studio for a year, then started up my own multidisciplinary practice. I did design, web, and UI work, then refocused on broader branding projects.

Things escalated quickly and the branding studio was a professional success. Taking a step back, though, I realized my lifestyle wasn’t aligned with what I actually wanted out of life. I decided to make a change.

Colin Wright in the Montana woods. Photo by Joshua Weaver

In 2009, I got rid of everything I owned that wouldn’t fit into a carry-on bag. I scaled down my studio so I could run it from the road, and started a blog called Exile Lifestyle. I asked my readers to vote on which country I should move to first, and they decided I would call Argentina home for the next four months.

Since then, I’ve also lived in New Zealand, Thailand, Iceland, India, Romania, Czech Republic, and the Philippines, visited about 60 other countries, visited all 48 contiguous US states twice, roadtripped South America, wandered Southeast Asia, explored Europe by train, and enjoyed many other world-romping adventures.

Author and traveler Colin Wright in Columbia, Missouri. Photo by Danny Nguyen

Since hitting the road full-time, I’ve professionally pivoted several times. I built brands for other companies in LA, then consulted on the topic of branding from the road. Eventually I started building brands for myself, and have since started and operated nearly a dozen small businesses, ranging from sustainable product design to publishing technologies.

I currently make my living by writing and publishing fiction and nonfiction books through a publishing company called Asymmetrical Press, which I co-founded with two fellow authors, Josh and Ryan from The Minimalists.

I speak at schools, conferences, events, and businesses, all around the world. I periodically teach classes and workshops.

I also, more recently, have begun to make part of my living through my podcast Let’s Know Things, which is a show about adding context to the news.

Colin Wright, Ryan Nicodemus, Joshua Fields Millburn, founders of Asymmetrical Press, Exile Lifestyle, and The Minimalists. Photo by Joshua Weaver

I’m fortunate to have a wonderful family. My parents live in central Missouri, and my three siblings are scattered around the US.

I date as I travel and have some truly amazing and inspiring people in my life. Non-standard relationships make sense to me, for me, on a practical and philosophical level.

I’m a minimalist in that I own very few things and am careful about how I consume. This doesn’t mean I’m anti-consumption, but rather that I’m careful about how I spend my time, money, and energy. I tend to buy less but invest in quality, and I trend toward the same in relationships, business, and everything else.

I’m 32-years-old, left-handed, and am currently learning to cook and play piano.

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