Andrew’s Couch

Andrew Elkins jumps a fence


This is easily the most comfortable couch ever.

It’s not that it’s super-fancy or overly-expensive.

It’s not overstuffed or made of velveteen.

It’s not so monstrous that I get lost in it or so billowy that I feel like I’m floating on air.

No, this couch is the most comfortable couch ever because it’s loaned to me by my friend Andrew, the guy who so kindly puts me up every time I come through LA.

Andrew‘s a friend from college (we played on the school’s Ultimate Frisbee team together) and though we’re not sending each other emails all the time or calling each other every day, situationally we’re great friends, helping each other out when one or the other needs a hand.

And when I need to decompress – when I’ve just left a 4 month stint in another country and am about to embark on a month-and-a-half cross-country road trip, for example – it’s nice to know that I’ve got somebody who will pick me up from the airport, let me occupy a chunk of his living room for a week, and will make me brownies for breakfast.

He also leaps over things when I dare him to.

Thanks Andrew! You’re one hell of a host and one hell of a good guy!

Who helps you out when you need it? Have you thanked them recently?