The results from the ‘Where Should Colin Go?’ poll are in, and the winning country is Argentina.

What do I know off the top of my head about this country? Not much.

I can tell you that they are known for their dancing, especially the tango, that they have famous beef farms, and that Buenos Aires is supposed to be a mecca for travelers from the United States and Europe, due to something that happened in the last 20 years or so regarding their peso (I believe they tied its value to the dollar in some way) which lowered its value in comparison to the dollar, so that an individual like myself would be able to go and live there, enjoying the comforts and benefits of a large city but at a fraction of the cost.

I know they speak Spanish in Argentina, though I’m sure the slang is vastly different from the Spanish I learned in high school (which was largely Cuban). I also know that Patagonia is in the southern half of Argentina, that they have some wonderful vineyards, and that it is, I believe, the second largest country in South America (after Brazil).

Next, I will do some research on Argentina, compile some information, figure out what my next steps are (especially in regards to learning the language, getting a travel/work visa, tax issues, etc), and write another post all about it.

And Argentina, I’ll see YOU in September.