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Just a Big List of Interesting Posts

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I’ve reached a milestone here at Exile Lifestyle: 200 posts on the site since I started.

And though a few of those were guest posts, and I’ve written more than a few guest posts on other sites, I still wanted to commemorate the event with a little roundup of notable scribblings from the history of the blog.

For example, I get asked all the time about how to start up a blog and establish a brand and voice. I want to show you this as evidence that it took me a little while to get my style established, and in fact my very first post was incredibly bulky, tiresome and overly-verbose.

Below is just a big list of other posts that caught my eye as I ran down the archive (for one reason or another), and if you have only started recently reading the blog, you may find something new there.

These are in chronological order, with the oldest at the top, so you’ll be able to see a bit of evolution along the way (I hope!).

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Missouri: So Long, Thanks for All the Hicks

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Free Ebook: How to Be Remarkable

All 72 Things I Own

Meat, She-Pimps and Ethical Quandaries

How to Have a Personal Renaissance

Making a Modern Medici

Guys, This Bus Sucks

But Seriously Guys, This Bus is Really Bad

For Real, I’m Going to Die on This Bus

I Got Punched in the Face at a Gay Dance Club in Lima

The Inescapable Enormity of It All

Creatives, I Need to Have a Word with Your Boss

All 51 Things I Own

Taking It In (and Not Tweeting About It)

Tell Me All About Your Sexy Self

New Zealand is So Beautiful It Makes Me Sick

The Business of Throwing People from Planes

31 Posts in 31 Days

OMFG Networking Awesomely Ebook

Number 8 Wire & Why Kiwis Will Conquer the Internet

Tall Poppy Syndrome and the Jealousies

What Would You Do If the Internet Died Today?

Take Pride in Your Beliefs (and Why I Love the Gays)

Tell Me What You Are, Not What You’re Not

4 Heartless, Logical Reasons to Be Happy

Living Life vs Just Writing About It

Dishonest Branding, Coke and Vitamin Water

All 55 Things I Own

Minimalism Explained

The Seduction Community is Guitar Hero for Dating

72 Hours of Pain, Elves and Time-Travel

I Build

We Live in the Frickin’ Future

Fake Freedom Lovers and Ethical Hypocrisy

Secular Blogging Religions and Healthy Skepticism

Got a favorite post? I’d be curious to hear which in the comments.

Time for 200 more!