You Should See My Car

There’s a guy that everyone knows. Let’s call him Car Guy. Hi Car Guy!

Car Guy is the guy who has a great car. The thing is really slick; he’s been working on it for years. Rims bigger than his neighbor’s rims. A big ol’ fin on the back. There’s a massive muffler that makes it really loud, annoying everyone for miles, but it sounds heavenly to Car Guy.

The thing I’ve always wondered about Car Guy is this: when he’s not with his car, who is he? He’s invested everything of himself into a thing, so what’s left when that thing isn’t around?

Car Guy goes on a date, and what does he say? “You should see my car.” Until then, he does his best to pass the time, just a regular Guy.

It was about 8 years ago that I decided I never wanted to be ‘just a Guy;’ a super-hero with all kinds of fancy equipment but no powers, and all my gear just out of reach. Instead, I wanted to BE the gear. A Car Guy without a car is just a Guy, but a Guy who is an Awesome Guy is always an Awesome Guy, no matter what he’s driving, where he is, or what kind of date he’s on. He has super-powers, not a losable, breakable, stealable, unwearable-on-dates utility belt.

You shouldn’t depend on something else to make you whole. You shouldn’t be defined by your car,  your online avatar, your fancy clothes, or your slick new gadget. You should, solo and naked in the woods, be just as epic and impressive as you are fully tricked-out with all the accoutrements of modern society.

And you do this by learning. By taking in new knowledge and becoming more self-aware. Over time, you become more confident, and over more time, you start to define your personal philosophy and a strong set of ethics. These are the things that make someone epic in any situation. A car is just a tool, and any tool works better in the hands of someone who sees it as an accessory to their life, not as a necessary component of making them whole.


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  1. “be just as epic and impressive as you are fully tricked-out with all the accouterments of modern society.” – very poetic!
    Also, just FYI, a spoiler is the fin, not the muffler (<– not a car guy)  :)
    Nice post Colin!

  2. I think everything should be in harmony (balance). maybe he could be an even better guy with that “special” car, but not with one that, he thought, will make him a super guy.

  3. Epic post Colin! Thank God a psychedelic journey and many months of Terence Mckenna talks woke me up to this reality. Cheers!

  4. My favorite part about this post was when you talked about being just as amazing as you are even if you are naked in the woods.  That paints a perfect picture of who you should strive to be.

  5. It was just yesterday that I had an insight while walking that the ‘bigger the car, the smaller the dick’. ha. I’m sure you’ve heard that before but it made me smile. Slightly random/off-topic but I wanted to write about dicks as much as I liked reading ‘naked in the woods’.
    In other words, awesome post. ;)

  6. Ok, this is going to be an odd-ball comment, so bare with me.
    In the amazing RPG ‘Nobilis’, you play demi-gods. Gods are for sure ‘awesome guys’ with amazing powers. There is a weakness you can take on which means that part of your awesome power is externalized in some object, like Thor’s hammer. You lose the object, and you lose the power. 
    However, the weakness has an flipside, for balance. Your power can be greater manifested in this way than if it is internal. 
    Perhaps, it is the same thing in real life. Perhaps not. They are hard to compare. Apples vs. Oranges, who can tell which would win in a fight. In the end, however, I agree with you; I’d rather invest in my own mind, skills, body and inner awesome than some external quality that will go out of fashion in a few years. Kindness, relationships, humour, intelligence, education — those are always in fashion.

  7. I signed up for the alert for asymmetrical, sounds like a great thing I’d like to be a part of. Can’t wait to learn more and help promote it.

  8. Please post more! You are an amazing writer and you inspire so many people! Only once every 2 weeks isn’t enough! PLEASE? Thanks!

  9. Very nice post! But it’s sad to see that despite all you’ve said the car guy gets it all, I mean girls, fame, the smart guy is … smart, but won’t get as much attention as the car guy or the clothes guy. The difference resides in heart, the smart will always feel confident, happy and SATISFIED. The other guy gets the attention, takes the sexiest girl on his bmw or porsche but when the true moments rise, the discussion, the ideas, that will be embarrassing.
    Keep up the good work Colin.
    Sorry for english I’m francophone.

    •  @aladinbouzerd I’m surprised Colin hasn’t replied to your comment yet. What you said MIGHT be true. But like all things, things aren’t really the way they look to outsiders. We (the poor, the under-privileged, the less-than-successful) may be looking at the rich, the privileged, the car guy and think “man they must be so happy and satisfied”. That’s not always the case. In fact, I’d argue that the car guy may not even aware that he’s hollow and dissatisfied. 
      Ya the car guy gets the hot girl (maybe.) But then the question becomes: do you want just the hot girl? Or the hot AND intelligent girl. If a girl is drawn to the hollow car guy, what does that say about her intelligence? I’d want an intelligent human being first, good looks are always a nice bonus. As David Deangelo said, once you move up the levels, you may not want the girls that you wanted when you were at the lower level anymore. The point I got from Colin’s post is that we gotta recognize this next level of understanding and greatness. 

      •  @nguyenw Totally agreed. I read that guy’s comment and was like, “What?!” Totally untrue. We should all strive to become the best versions of ourselves, and the truth is that not all the physically attractive chicks out there are worth it. Once you yourself become intelligent, physically attractive, an have other redeeming (non-materialistic) qualities, the truth is that real quality chicks will flock to you despite whether you got the gear. I think that women vie for a headstrong guy with a strong heart who’s got nothing but the back of an RV than a dude with a Cadillac and a mansion, knowing that the former guy has got the guts and the know-how to take them on an exciting ride.
        Otherwise, and if you’d prefer to go with the latter’s methods, you’re setting yourself up for a shallow and sexually unfulfilling venture that’s based on machines that are only as good as their expiration date. Good luck with that!

  10. Love this blog and post!  Great stuff.  These are my principles.  Fantastic

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