Friends! Countrymen! People I haven’t met yet from other countries! Dogs/cats/rocks/plants! Lend me your ears!

It’s that time again! The main list of countries have been suggested, and now it’s time to cast your vote!

Fill out the form below and tell me where you think would be the most bootilicious, business-in-the-front-party-everywhere-else, thigh-slapping, backbreaking, hooting-and-hollering, awesometacular place for me to live for four months after I leave New Zealand.

There were lots of fantastic suggestions, and despite a few that I wasn’t able to use (sorry Chris, Tuvalu looks awesome, but at this point I still need semi-reliable access to the Internet to run my business), all of them were well-thought-out, and I appreciate every single one.

So submit your ballot below (feel free to leave me a comment/suggestion, as well…every thought from you beautiful people helps immensely!) and then keep up with the voting on the front page, where I’ll be putting a graph that tracks the voting as it happens.

Thanks again, and happy voting!

Update: December 1, 2016

Yeesh, it’s a little painful recalling how much comments were considered to be the coin of the blogging realm back then. Much like social media likes and shares today, getting comments was something we all just knew was a vital metric, and you would often judge the popularity of a blog based on how much participation you could see in the comment section.

Thankfully it’s not the same today. There were aspects to comment sections that were useful, but a lot of it was empty drum-banging for the sake of trying to appear popular to visitors. The equivalent of ‘likes’ before that was a thing.