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Cast Your Vote on Where I Move Next!

It’s been about two and a half years since I started traveling full time, and between leaving the States way back then and now I’ve lived in some absolutely remarkable places.

I learned the streets of Buenos Aires, was awe-struck by the natural beauty of Christchurch, survived the sultry heat and daily downpours of Bangkok, explored the rich culture of Reykjavik, and am currently eating my weight in Indian and Bengali food here in Kolkata.

Each time I’ve moved, I’ve been guided by you and folks like you, and you’ve done well by me so far. Thank you for that.

And now the fun continues! I’m once again officially opening up voting for the next country I should move to!

A few notes:

I reset the voting forms a few weeks after I arrived in India, so if you voted after India was determined the winner last time around, but before the counter was reset, you’ll have to vote again if you want to be counted. Sorry about that: I found myself without a reliable net signal for the first few weeks I was here, and so was unable to take the voting link down.

Vote for any country in the world, though recognize that if I’ve lived in the country before (so far I’ve lived in Argentina, New Zealand, Thailand, Iceland and India, in addition to the US) I won’t be living there again for now, and if I can’t get into the country for whatever reason (think North Korea), I likewise won’t be able to honor your vote.

If you have a recommendation as to which city I should live in within the country you vote for, let me know in the comment section of the voting form! I would also love to know why you think that country would be the best option, so fill me in as to your rationale, if you have the time.

I’ll be spending a few months road tripping around the US after India and before whatever country wins the vote this time around.

Enough jibba-jabba; cast your vote in the form below! Send me someplace cool, and then tell your friends to come vote, too!