Last week, I posted the first episode of my podcast, Let’s Know Things.

The response was wonderful — I was pretty overwhelmed by the flood of likes and subscribes and kind words. The emails and comments I received were amazing: lots of people were keen to have discussions of the sort I have on this show.

I feel fortunate to live in an age when so many of us are so integrally connected. This networked international society in which we live allows us to be aware of and interact with each other in ways that would have been impossible only a decade or two ago, and the publishing and conversation software built atop that network is making the exchange of ideas easier by the day.

But there are plenty of laws, movements, and people who would slow this process, would build new digital walls, and who would prefer that we don’t color outside the lines when speaking.

Last week’s episode of the podcast included a discussion about context (more specifically, ‘contextualism’) and an unspooling of an article about China and its rise, and how it relates to the US, the idea of global superpower nations, and the future.

This week, on the first official episode (last week’s was Episode 0), the topic is free speech. And if you really dig into what’s happen in this space today, I think you’ll find that the conversation isn’t as clear-cut as it often seems to be in television soundbytes and online thinkpieces.

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