Diversified Conversation for Future Colin

Colin Wright and I Love Lucy's Car


For a long time I’ve looked at this blog as the center of everything I do, with other media (social networks, newsletters, etc) serving to direct people back here, but without too much innate purpose unto themselves.

This is something I’m in the process of changing.

Each and every platform has its own value and audience, and that means the information coursing through those different channels should be curated based on what each different group is hoping to get out of the relationship. The folks who want to connect on Facebook may not care what I have to say on this blog, the people who read my newsletter may not have any desire to follow me on Twitter, and the people who read my work in Exiles magazine may be bored to death by travel photos.

That in mind, here is an updated list of my different points of contact and what I will be focusing on through each one, so that you can choose according to what you’d like to get from our relationship (other than everlasting love, which you’ll always have regardless of where we converse):


I’ve recently switched my focus from my personal account to my author page at the recommendation of a social media guru friend of mine. Doing so gives me a lot more statistical info, and the ability to provide more interesting information and conversation (location tracker, video gallery, reading list, etc) without any downsides, so far as I can tell. I’m also going to be posting the interesting links I come across on this new page instead of my personal account starting next week.

This is also going to be one of my primary points of contact for conversation, so if you want to strike up a dialogue, Facebook is a great option.


This is my other main point of contact for conversation.

My Twitter account will continue to be the other spot I post updates about what I’m doing, interesting stuff I come across, and experiential tidbits from the road.


My free newsletter, has been, and will continue to be, where I give updates related to projects I’m working on, experiments I’m undertaking, and places I’m going. I also give a good number of exclusives to subscribers, ranging from the ability to buy new books before they go on sale to getting to be involved with projects that I don’t open up to anyone else.


This e-magazine has been an incredible amount of fun so far, and I’m thrilled that it’s been taking off that way that it has.

I publish 5 or 6 articles every 2 weeks through Exiles, and these articles include random musings, blog-post style writings, and travel stories. It also includes chapters from my next book (the followup to My Exile Lifestyle) as I write them. Super-excited about this project, and I’d love to get even more people involved, so I can write even more each month!

Curious as to what kind of stuff I write about in Exiles? You can check out the new issue (which was published yesterday) for free (and for a limited time), here.


I’m slowly integrating G+ into my social media routine – starting with transferring my photos from Flickr over to Picasa – and beginning to update my location data for display on my profile.

In the future I’ll also be using this service to get video-conferences set up and such, so if you’re on it, couldn’t hurt to link up now to be ready for future awesomeness.


This one is the equivalent of us being able to sit on the floor together and listen to records.

I’ve created a playlist that’s collaborative, so if you’re on Spotify (sorry to the folks who are in countries where it isn’t supported yet), drop a few of your favorite tracks into the mix so that we can all see what good taste you have.

Exile Lifestyle

Of course, I’ll be continuing to churn out content on this here blog, in addition to the other avenues above.

There will be a lot more content through Exiles, and I can get a lot more deep and specific in the pieces I write there, but the quality and quantity of content being published here won’t change a bit, so even if you don’t want to connect through any of the above methods, we’ve still got good ol’ EL to bond over.


So what do you think? Am I missing anything? Any other ways you’d like to connect that I haven’t included here? Some site I should be on, or some kind of content you’d like to see more of that isn’t being delivered through one of the above vehicles?

Let me know in the comments below, or shoot me an email here!