Dropping Prices and Announcing Newness

Networking Awesomely


As I get deeper and deeper into the development and operation of Ebookling, I’ve also gotten deeper and deeper into what it means to be a publisher.

I wrote a post over there yesterday about authors becoming publishers, and as I wrote it I realized that in order to achieve what I want to achieve for myself (in this case, to become a one-man publishing house) I would have to make a few changes to the way I’ve been doing things thus far.

I’d need to walk the walk that I’ve been talking up.

I want the independent ebook scene to have a massive audience that will allow more authors to do what they love for a living, and in order to do this we need to be more competitive with the mainstream publishers’ offerings.

Part of where they’re kicking our butts right now is in price (even though their prices are anything but low when it comes to an intangible product), so I’ve dropped the price of Networking Awesomely from $20 (which it’s been at since I released it almost a year ago) down to $.99.

The reasoning behind this is manyfold, but a large part of why I’m doing it is that I want to show it can be done. I already have an audience, true, so I’m not a great representative for Joe Author who just wants to write amazing stuff and doesn’t have a blog to build as a platform, but I’m hoping that this experiment will show that lower prices + good work = more appealing to a mainstream audience (not to mention the folks who are already fans of indie work).

There are other reasons of course: I’ve already earned a ridiculous amount of money from the book this past year (a HUGE thanks to everyone who has purchased it already), and I’d like to get it into the hands of some people who couldn’t afford the cost previously.

The price drop is kind of a thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far, spreading the word about my work and my message. You all rock my face off.

While I was having this ‘rethink everything’ moment, I also realized that there was one other aspect of my publishing life that I needed to change.

A little background: my first real job was at 14, when I started working at an independent bookstore. I LOVED books, and I took the job mostly so that I would have the employee discount on everything in the store.

This also meant that I romanticized the publishing process, and my dream was always to someday have a book I’d written become a bestseller so that other people would walk into bookstores like mine and buy it.

A lot has changed since then, of course, and my faith in the traditional bookstore model – not to mention the bestseller lists – has more than wavered. Still I couldn’t quite shake that childhood dream of becoming PUBLISHED – in ink and paper and through a company that could get my book on a lot of shelves – and that mental block manifested itself in a book that I’ve started, but have been holding back.

I actually went through the initial stages of looking for an agent, meeting some very friendly people in the process but never finding the right match (for myself or the agent). The last effort I made was when I first moved to Thailand, and I kind of shelved the project after that, thinking I would return to it a few years later, when the process would be easier and maybe more fun.

But yesterday I made the decision to write this book as an ebook and to publish it through Ebookling.

I don’t want to give too much away yet, but the book is tentatively called ‘My Exile Lifestyle’ and it contains stories and lessons that I’ve learned from all of the places I’ve been so far; all original work (this isn’t just a compilation of blog posts) and in a slightly different voice than I use here on the site (though it should still be familiar enough to those who read regularly).

If you’re interested in getting on the special list of people who receive updates, help me work out the kinks in the book and who have access to it before everyone else (while also getting some special goodies for your interest), sign up on the form below.

I’m looking forward to how it turns out, and seeing how the price drop impacts sales of my ebooks and those of other authors in the upcoming months.