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Want to Earn Some Moola and a Loving Caress?

Colin Wright Caressing


The Courtship

So today I wanted to present an opportunity that up until this point has been limited to a much smaller club.

As many of you know, I recently released an ebook called Networking Awesomely; a 250+ page treatise on how to network, communicate and live life better. Sales have been VERY solid and I’ve been thrilled with the response that I’ve been getting from customers.

In my last ebook (How to Be Remarkable), I had some amazing contributors and this time around the same was true. I had 27 amazing people help out with Networking Awesomely, and as part of the bribe to get their input, I offered to allow them some time as the sole affiliates for the book.

That time has lapsed, and they’ve made some nice money, and now I’d like to make you the same offer I made them a few weeks ago.

The Proposal

Networking Awesomely sells for $20. I would LOVE to give you $10 of that price for every customer you send my way.

Enter the Exile Lifestyle affiliate program. There is a more involved explanation of how this system works here, but basically if you sign up (it’s free, by the way, though I do require that you’ve read the book, for obvious reasons) you’ll get a unique link that sends people to my sale page. You will get 50% of the money anyone who clicks on your link and then buys something ends up paying (anything they buy from me for 6 months!).

This is hugely beneficial for me because it allows for exposure to an entirely new audience (your readers, friends, family) which leads to more sales, but it can also be hugely beneficial to you, as you will have a product to sell without having to create a product.

It’s important to me that you get 50% because in my mind, anyone who is an affiliate of mine is a business partner. I’ve got more ebooks on the way, and I want to establish working relationships with as much of my audience as is interested. There are a LOT of entrepreneurial people on here, and I figure that providing opportunities to make money and get solid working experience (in this case, sales, marketing, online stuff) is of value.

The Nookie

If you’d like to join up, go to the Exile Lifestyle Affiliates page, read everything and then start selling.

Also: Be careful with marketing gimmicks…the reason I’m not putting this ebook up on ClickBank or its ilk is because I want to make sure that the people selling through the affiliate program are not diluting the brand with shady sales tactics.. Don’t promise things you won’t be able to give (like, say, a loving caress), but if you want to work out a fun sales tactic (like offering a discount on your own product with a purchase, consultation time or whatever) or need an interview or additional graphics for your sales page/email, let me know so I can promote you!

Have fun!