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OMFG Networking Awesomely Ebook

Networking Awesomely cover thumbnail by Colin Wright


It’s been a big week here on Exile Lifestyle.

The 16th was my 25th birthday, followed by the blog’s first birthday on the 19th.

And today is the launch of a new eBook that is super-special for many reasons.

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Why This Is A Big Deal

The first is that this is the opening shot across the bow of ‘business as usual’ networking. Most books and classes will tell you all about how to network….in a way that is boring and largely ineffective. Sure, if you’re meeting up with other highly-motivated and business-savvy people, it may make sense to turn every interaction into a sales pitch, but that just doesn’t work in real life, broseph, and it certainly won’t get you invited to the next party.

My eBook will. Or at least, it will tell you everything you need to know in order to be invited to that party. It’s up to you to put it all into practice and shake things up.

The second is that this book is massive. Like, really big. Over 250 pages of pure, unadulterated sexy, sexy networking and lifestyle advice. And not just from me! Below is a list of contributors who helped round this sucker out with their unique perspectives on networking with personal stories and advice from their years in the interpersonal trenches.

Dragos Roua, Andi Norris, Jacob Cass, Andrew Warner, Alan Perlman, Ashley Ambirge, Johnny B Truant, Diggy, Maren Kate, Carlos Miceli, Grace Boyle, Floreta Cui, Jenny Blake, Everett Bogue, Nathan Seaward, Ross Hill, Mari Sheibley, Anoush Rima, Kyle Studstill, Rob Granholm, Andrew Elkins, Jonny Gibaud, Oscar Del Ben, Amber Rae Lambke, Anil Polat, Elisa Doucette, Lis Carpenter

The third is that this book is the first step in what I hope will be many that will allow me to spend more time working on Exile Lifestyle and producing more content (including more eBooks, both free and for sale). Up until this point, Exile Lifestyle has been a hobby and an excuse to do all the crazy stuff I do, but if I’m able to make it profitable enough to replace a portion of my income, I’ll be able to invest a lot more time in it, taking every aspect of the project up a notch.

And the fourth and perhaps most important reason that this book is so special: I’m just incredibly thrilled about how it turned out.

My first 2 eBooks went really well and got an incredible response (How to Be Remarkable alone has had over 55,000 downloads), but there were definitely still quite a few kinks to be worked out in my eBook-making system.

Though I still have a lot to learn, Networking Awesomely is a step above my previous efforts, and I’m super-psyched by the response it’s been getting.

Here are some of the first reviews to come in:

“Colin takes a look at effective networking techniques that are equal parts entertaining and practical. He not only shows how to network awesomely but points out many of the common pitfalls that people make by “networking douchebaggedly” [and I thought all the variations of douchebag had been used up]. Colin employs the help of countless other bloggers to weigh in with their thoughts on networking & the result is something nothing short of remarkable. Well done Colin!” – Joel Runyon | Blog Of Impossible Things

“Honestly? Networking Awesomely defied my expectations. I went in expecting a comprehensive manual on the intricacies of business networking, but came out feeling like I’d just read an enthusiastic how-to guide on life. Looking beyond the networking terminology, what you’ve crafted here reads like a pretty slick primer on just being awesome – being the kind of person who can captivate a room and establish lasting friendships everywhere he goes. Those are the kind of goals most people shoot for, and certainly something I myself aspire to, so it’s delightful to see the means and the method laid out so easily on the page. Hell, you make it all sound so easy. No coincidence, then, that easy might be the best word for it.

Boiled down, the book is just easy – easy to read, easy to digest, and easy to enjoy, the combination of which makes for an inspiring piece of work. I want to go out and meet people. I want to cultivate this vast network of friends from all over the world, and maybe this is the first time I realized that goal is absolutely within my grasp.” – Matt Madeiro

“Networking Awesomely is a guide to networking in the new world. It encompasses old school networking strategies, new school technology and a touch of awesomeness. A book perfect for both newcomers and veterans alike Colin philosophizes, deconstructs and simplifies networking from every angle. A strong message to rethink the boundaries between your lifestyle, friends, business colleagues and even sexual partners – this is a book not just on networking but on life. For the more experienced you will receive at the very least a number of handy tips to network in common (and some uncommon) situations plus a refresher on many of the important life lessons once learned.Colin incorporates lifestyle design, social dynamics, the concept of value, frames of reference and more to help build confidence, attractiveness and social skills – turning you into a natural networking machine. But don’t let the big words scare you as Networking Awesomely simplifies the lot making it an easy read for all. With stories, humour and a cheeky attitude it will be tough to put this down once you start. The book won’t leave you dreaming about what could be either. Colin delivers many “do it now” tips including advice on fashion, social networking shortcuts, email scripts and business card design to get you networking awesomely right away.

Another interesting aspect to the book is the input from other bloggers. Not only is this empirical evidence of Colin’s ability to network but gives extra spice to the material. You will hear from many new world networkers about their approach, thoughts and successes from networking.

We all (should) know networking delivers exceptional value in all areas of life. A small investment to improve this skill is a no-brainer. It only takes one person to change your life. Buy it now!” – Vinay Patankar | Abstract Living

“The thing that strikes me the most about Networking Awesomely is how the title doesn’t even come close to doing this eBook justice; its scope spans far greater than just networking. Networking Awesomely is a powerful collection of human psychological and sociological insights that Colin applies in a practical manner, showing readers how to leverage such truths in a way that will essentially get people places they want to go. And isn’t that what we all want? To reach our goals in the shortest amount of time, and in the best way possible? From this perspective, Colin’s book is actually about something far greater than networking–it’s about getting out there and learning how to become a mover and a shaker in order to proactively take control over your life. From advice to tips to tricks to personal stories from other kings and queens of networking, Colin’s eBook is definitely a must-read for anyone looking to get up out of their seat and make things happen. Hell, I’m jealous I didn’t write the thing.” – Ashley Ambirge | The Middle Finger Project

“Whether you have your own business or not, the benefits of Networking Awesomely are clear. By giving a bit more of yourself to the world, you’ll soon find yourself with more opportunities than you ever could’ve imagined. Read Colin’s new book on how to be a real people’s person and start building your network awesomely (and having a blast while you’re at it)!” – Miika Miettinen

“Networking Awesomely demonstrates that networking isn’t just something you do, its also a mindset you embrace. This book lays it all out, and walks you through the thinking, strategies, and practical know-how necessary to be an effective networker. Even seasoned networkers who “get it” will find this book full of insight and a welcome opportunity to reassess what you do and how you do it. From surprisingly fresh social networking do’s and dont’s to the hazards of dating and sex, Networking Awesomely tackles the subtleties of networking in an honest, fresh, and readable style. How many great friends and connections would you trade for $20? Thought so; now go buy this book!” – Jesse M.

Yowza, thanks for the analysis, folks!