Extreme Lifestyle Experiments: My TEDx Talk

Earlier this month, I was honored with the opportunity to speak to an audience in Cambodia, for the first ever TEDx Phnom Penh event.

There were some absolutely amazing people putting this thing together, and some really excellent speakers in attendance, but the really cool part is that the audience was full of young Khmers, most of which were interested in entrepreneurship in some fashion.

The theme of the conference was ‘Building the Future’ – a fitting idea, due to the overwhelming potential of the Cambodian people, but the unfortunate series of events in their recent history that have held them back in some ways – and my take on this topic was to explain how I approach problems by attacking them from a different angle, and how even the smallest lifestyle experiment can help you get the perspective you need to find that new approach.

My talk is above, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


  1. These TEDx talks are brilliant! I’m happy to see you’ve gotten behind this. Thanks for the good insights and laughs. I’m continually working backwards myself. I think I’m finally getting closer to understand my own roadmap. I agree though; we just gotta identify it!

  2. Nice going, bro. I’ve said it many times, I don’t think nobody from the internet world has affected my life as much as you, and it’s exciting to keep seing you accomplish everything you set out to do. Congrats, my friend.

  3. Nice going, bro. I’ve said it many times, I don’t think nobody from the internet world has affected my life as much as you, and it’s exciting to keep seing you accomplish everything you set out to do. Congrats, my friend.

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  5. Nice speech Colin! I like the take a photo everyday project. I’m gonna do that too. I don’t know where it will lead, but that’s the inspiring aspect of it.

  6. Great talk. It’s just made me realise I need to start practicing what I preach. I tell people to follow calls to adventure to change their lives, but I haven’t been doing it myself. I need some perspective change, so now I’m on the lookout for something interesting and different to do.

  7. All I can say is there is a reason you were the first person I hired to write for Flightster. Really interesting stuff dude. One of the things I liked about what you did here was you started with something simple like taking a photo that almost anybody can do, and that in turn spun out into all the things you are doing now. I really enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to sharing your story with the travel industry at the upcoming Eye4Travel conference.

  8. Coincidentally, I recently started a blog about my musical endeavors and I have been more productive since.

    Infrastructural changes work!

  9. Very well done, Colin. You’ve got some impeccable speaking skills that a Toastmaster would be very proud of.

    You’ve sparked some experimental thoughts in my brain and I feel some good stuff is going to come from it. Cheers!

  10. Dude, jealous of the presentation skills. Watched it all the way through, which is unusual for me, especially when I have cake sitting in the fridge only metres away.

    I am currently in Missouri for 3 months man though I missed the snow.

  11. Just great stuff, Colin. I was particularly impressed with how you provided your own life as a baseline. Definitely the most motivational video I’ve seen in 2011.

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  14. Especially liked the last sentence. Listening to your talk made me do two things, carry my camera around more often and apply for the TEDx event on May 11 in Hamburg, where I live right now. Thanks Colin and have fun in Iceland!

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  16. I just bought a new camera for when I go to chile this summer. It’s shock resistant, waterproof, and small enough to fit in my purse. I think I might try one of those 365-picture photoblogs (366 in my case because of next february) and see if I gain any wonderful insight from it :)

    The worst that could come out of it is that I have a bunch of pictures I wouldn’t normally have taken. Which is good enough for me.

  17. This was surprisingly good! I wasn’t expecting your talk to be so well formated or the delivery to be quite that fluid. Thanks for sharing! 

  18. Great talk Colin. I enjoyed how you made the connections of your experiments to tell the story of how to develop new experiences that can change your life and the lives of those around you.


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