Flocks of Bloggers


If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably think I was a professional blogger.

And I’m not, but it’s amazing how much of my life – directly or indirectly – revolves around this site these days.

There are obvious examples, like the fact that I move to a new country every 4 months and own 50 things and spend a lot of time at my computer, tip-typing away.

But then there are the subtler things. The fact that most of my really strong friendships are with people that I’ve never met in real life. And that I seldom get more stressed out than when something is wonky with my server. And that a good deal of the ‘shop talk’ I take part in these days relates to the blogosphere and other bloggers and blog blog blog blog blog.

When you decide to become a serious blogger, it really is a lifestyle choice. You begin to surround yourself with birds of a feather, and when you talk about common acquaintances, you speak of them in terms of their work and ideas, rather than their physical appearance or even name (“Did you see what the guy from Random Example Blog posted today?” “Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what the chick from Another Random Example Blog thinks about it…they’ve been fighting a bit recently, and she’s always takes him to term over posts like that”).

It’s a bit like high school in a way, though instead of making out with each other, we Skype.

It’s a bit like a complicated poly-amorous relationship, though instead of being involved in long-term tangible relationships with many people, we instead of have long-term digital relationships with many people.

It’s a bit like a family reunion at times, though rather than meeting up with unchosen relatives that you may or may not have anything in common with, you’re meeting up with your chosen e-family in REAL LIFE for the first time, which leads to a great deal of hugging and drinking and discussing the same stuff you would online, but with another set of eyeballs to look into, rather than just another pop-up window.

Bloggers flock.

And though we aren’t able to feel the breeze from each others flapping due to the great physical distance between us, we most certainly see the beautiful cloud formations shaped by the ideas of our distant e-relatives.

And sometimes that’s enough.


  1. 1. That photo rocks. Who are those blogger chicks?

    2. I forget how strange most of my conversations are with people until I'm talking to non-bloggers and have the “oh shit I forgot to tweet my post!” moment and all I get are questionable looks, to which I just shake my head and say, “It's better not to ask.”

  2. 1. Haha, well that's a very lovely lady named Andi and another very lovely lady named Arielle. One is, well, you, and the other is one of the co-founders of GenJuice.

    2. Yeah, right? The jargon alone is enough to throw most people off a bit.

  3. that's so true, Colin. Just like with every group – same interests bond. I have recently met Karol Gajda, and it was an odd yet strangely satisfying feeling to see someone like him in the offline world.

  4. It's always a surprise! I've met some bloggers in real life lately and I barely recognized them. Talking to them, I could tell it was the same person, but their mannerisms and look were a lot different than I had guessed from what's available online.

  5. This article is awesome! I just started laughing out loud at how accurate it is. You are so right in that it is a lifestyle choice; no one warned me of that before I started.

    I have yet to be able to meet up with others in real life but can't wait for that day. There are some people that I'm so excited to be able to meet, hug, and drink with. Thanks for posting about something so encouraging and upbeat. :)

  6. Ha! I love the comparison of Skyping to making out! If so, Joel Runyon and I were doing some sort of 7 minutes in heaven deal–and that was my first “kiss” ever (though I hope to have many, many more with my fellow bloggers…). :-P

    Keep up the great posts, Colin.


  7. Ah, it's nearly always a blast meeting other bloggers in real life, especially if they're people you've been talking to a while.

    I've heard a few horror stories, but overall they usually seem to be positive experiences.

  8. I haven't really got into the bloggers circle yet. I don't know…I think I would need to spend more time frequently blogs to build relationships with bloggers. But I do see bloggers flock… maybe even have their own clique.

  9. I love this. I hope to do a lot more flocking in the future. I was just thinking this morning about how before this month I had never had an online relationship or acquaintance turn into a face to face one, and by the end of this month I will have met 5 people in this manner. It's wild and super exciting. We live in very cool times.

  10. I really hate that most of my friends don't relate to me when it comes to the blogosphere. I wish I could just implant these ideas directly into their minds, no middleman involved.

    Same goes for trying to recommend the music I love. Tell them it's awesome and they can't help but want to discard it because it seems too much like an invading force.

    Off I go again… flock flock flock.

  11. Don't you mean you'll be making every effort to Skype MORE? I hear things about you, Jonny. I hear you're the in-real-life-Skype-king.

    Thanks! I'll be making a few more, but I wanted to sync things up a bit more, correct some long-term issues I've had with the site, etc. I'll be writing a post calling attention to a few of my favorites in the near-future.

  12. Haha, we were actually having this discussion the other day, where myself, Andi and Ash all agree that it's hard but necessary to have people in your life that are NOT involved in the blogosphere or social media or the Internet at all. It drives you crazy, sure, but it's also the only thing that keeps you sane.

  13. Well it was great meeting you in person, and we're all thrilled that we've convinced you to wear assless chaps on your walk across the US (everybody, check his site out for details on this…it's hardcore).

  14. Yeah, it's a bit like high school. I recently met a bunch of travel bloggers in NYC at the TBEX convention, and it was funny to see everyone getting to know each other…already small cliques and interesting relationships.

  15. Well put. Birds of a feather flock. Starting out blogging has been great in getting in touch with like minded individuals. I can't tell you how great a feeling that is! Ha, and I like the humor in this post with those analogy descriptions!

  16. Well put. Birds of a feather flock. Starting out blogging has been great in getting in touch with like minded individuals. I can't tell you how great a feeling that is! Ha, and I like the humor in this post with those analogy descriptions!

  17. Totally! When I meet someone I've only known online, definitely lots of hugging and drinking occurring. How fun!

  18. Agreed. The best part about this crazy blog world we live in is that the possibilities for interaction are endless; there isn't an excuse anymore to not keep in touch with someone. And somehow this keeping a pulse on the life of others has become a social phenomena and this new lifestyle.

    I've built and maintained some amazing friendships with social media and believe me I love it for that but well, I sometimes wonder whether these relationships would still have been this strong without the aid of email, facebook and twitter. Is snail mail a filter? maybe one day i'll be brave enough to take a media/blog fast and try keeping up with news/people in the good 'old-fashioned' way :)

  19. It’s funny to me that I’m discovering this post AFTER we had a skype interview…

    That was a really eloquent was of talking about a subject not many people are talking about..Meeting people online…and not in the dating site kinda way haha

    I’m sure that at some point you’ll start sharing beers with these online relatives instead of just pop-up windows.


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