Don’t you love meeting remarkable people?

You know, the kind of person that you exchange a few sentences with and immediately know you’ll be inspired by. You tell your friends about them later, not sure exactly what it was about them that impressed you so much.

I make an effort to surround myself with this kind of person because I’ve gained so much from them in the past. Just by living their lives they make me work harder and push myself to achieve more, to be happier, to live a fuller, richer life.


Over the years I’ve picked up a lot of useful pieces of advice from these people, while at the same time observing and trying to figure out what makes them tick. I’ve worked to apply many of these same lessons to my own life and have seen very positive changes as a result.

I wrote this book to share some of these tidbits of knowledge with everyone because I firmly believe that if the world has more inspiring, ambitious and remarkable people we’ll all be a lot better off.

Download a copy, and share your own advice on how to be remarkable in the comment section below!

A special thanks to John Bardos, Diggy, Kristin Norris, Carol Segrave, Carlos Miceli, Anoush Rima Tatevossian, Amber Rae Lambke, Paul Smith, Christophe Galland, Jenda Michl, Alan Perlman, Sean Ogle, Robert Granholm and JD Bentley for contributing their amazing work to the book! You guys are really remarkable!