Guest post from Jonny Gibaud, co-founder of Emergency Food Storage

Jonny writes for the love of Helping People, Inspiring People and Katie Holmes. He honed his unique writing style through his refusal to read for fear the words would attack him and borrowed his life philosophies from the local stray terrier but plans to give aspects of them back.

Procrastination, they say, is the killer of progress, creativity and small puppies.

It is also ironically a rather long word for those that do procrastinate to get around to saying. But it is true. How many countless millions of great ideas, wonderful concepts, potential experiences and new lives have never been realized because people did not just get on and do it?

All things being equal, want to know the main difference between someone who is successful and someone who isn’t? – one took the risk, one didn’t. One got the cake, the other looked on with sugar envy.

As great as those Guinness adverts are, you know the ones, where the liquid happiness is being poured ever so tantalizingly slowly into the glass until you are about ready to get rather inappropriate with the TV. As fantastic a commercial as they are, their theory is fundamentally wrong for moving forward in life.

People wait….and they wait….and they wait….and the tea gets cold…and they wait some more…the children grow up…and they wait….their clothes go out of fashion….and they wait….their clothes come back into fashion again…..and they wait…time itself gives up and goes home…and they wait.


Unless you are contemplating murder, there is no better time then right now to do what you have been thinking about doing for far too long.

It is not going to be easy, it will be scary as hell and there is a chance that it is all going to go mammary glands up.

But that is not a reason not to put your wellies on and get your feet wet. History is littered with missed opportunities, could haves and should haves and, damn I had that idea 3 years ago but never followed through. Don’t add your name to the list, unlike the VIP one at your local club, this is not a list you want to be on.

You don’t need to give a false name, use invisible ink or stuff the paper in your mouth to ensure you are not be put on the list, you simply need to take the opportunity and do something.

I am just as bad as the next person for putting things off, especially when they are risky so this post is as much for myself as anyone else. Peoples’ opinion of risk differ but generally anything that is going to make you a little hot under the collar and lose you some beauty sleep is probably going to be risky. Almost always, however, the potential gains far outweigh the risks.

3 Quick Tips for Getting Your Cute Backside Moving

Cute Backside Moving Tip 1: Assess the risks

These are the actual risks, not just the ones you perceive or ‘feel.’ Seriously sit down and work out the risks of doing what you are planning and most importantly the risks to your health and mental well being of not doing them. You will be surprised that when you lay things out, they usually do not seem as risky as you once first ‘felt.’

Cute Backside Moving Tip 2: Make a plan

Right, first understand that whatever plan you make is almost definitely going to change, that is the nature of plans, they never survive the first encounter. However this does not negate the need for one. Planning can seriously help you really get to grips with what you want to do, what you will need in order to achieve and how you are ultimately going to go it. Label the top of you plan “My amazingly brilliant plan of greatest to achieve….(whatever you want)”

Cute Backside Moving Tip 3: Tell everyone your intentions

Peer pressure and the thought of losing face is huge, so use it. When I was thinking about quitting my job and moving to Thailand I made my plans, hedged the risks and then told everyone what I was going to do as if I had already booked the flight so that I couldn’t back out without losing face. Notice I did not tell everyone ‘what I was planning’ as this gives you a get out clause. Burn the bridges, damn the torpedoes and gung-ho it all the way.

What Are You Waiting For The Bus Isn’t Coming

Whatever you have had in your mind for a while to do, now is the time to do it. Grab yourself a smooth, creamy Guinness poured with a perfect head and get moving. If it is a really big, risky thing then best to have a few more of those Guinness’.