1. Sorry to anyone heading over to the Exiles site and getting font issues – looks like Kernest, the site delivering the web font I’m using along the top of the site, is down at the moment. Should be back to normal soon!

  2. fantastic ideas. as a fiction/poetry writer who is looking for an alternative to the major publishing houses, and for a way to make the reading experience a more powerful one – one that draws people into the words and the message – this really has me thinking.

    thankful to you for sharing what you’re doing!

  3. I’m stuck on this part as well:

    “how can I imply the pseudo-tactile value that ebooks have, but with an email instead of a PDF/EPUB/MOBI file?”

    I run a similar newsletter. Mine is called “Real Estate Blog Topics.” Writing lessons, strategies, and post topics are submitted to subscribers once per week. I went from an extended email with links to tutorials to an ebook – landscape, two columns, with images for tutorials, etc. Delivered once every week on Monday’s.

    I charge $20 for mine. Started at $10. And I don’t offer a yearly option, but perhaps should…? My thoughts go back to my earlier tweet to you. I wonder how pricing comes into play at that point. $240 up-front for the year seems a bigger up-front expense than say yours at $36. So what I wonder is, would that be establishing a bigger pain-point on the purchasing process?

    But also, have you considered changing the price on yours? To charge more? Not to existing subscribers, but to new subscribers?

    The only other thing I don’t publish on my site is previous issues – I like the way you display yours in the footer. I display a sample of my own on the “learn more” page but will probably bring that to the front along with the registration form on the front. Everything else on your site looks great. Great execution. Simple and direct.

  4. Although, I don’t own a business, and I’m just a person living a life without a location independent brand, I think I might do this. My blog features your sort of idea. I write my life basically, not just updates and tweets. I write my life as if every post is a three page mini story that cuts into my memories as if it were literature. So, maybe, maybe I’ll try this.

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  7. Hey Colin! I love your idea for a new business model. Hope you are enjoying India, and we must meet in-person one day! :) Sending wishes for lots of awesomely crazy experiences while you’re in India!

  8. Fascinating! I will pulled and enriched articles from my blog and incorporated them into an e-book. Made a cover, formatted, and put onto Smashwords, Amazon, and B & N. My first experiment in the Indie Publishing world. Thanks for sharing.

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