The Location Independent and Digital Nomad Survey

I am VERY new to the world traveling, live where you want, work where (and if) you want, nomadic kind of culture. So new, in fact, that I haven’t yet left the country (though I will in a few months!) and all I’ve had to work from in preparation is what I’ve been able to glean from friends, family and the people I’ve met online.

Fortunately, the online community for this kind of lifestyle is rich and varied, full of wonderful people (some of whom I’ve listed in my Field Guide to World Travelers) who are more than willing to share their experiences, tips, warnings and resources with you.

In an effort to expand the wisdom of this casual online conglomeration, Mr. Corbett Barr over at Free Pursuits and the folks at Location Independent decided to put together the Location Independent and Digital Nomad Survey, which will help those of us who are blogging about such things with information about you and thousands of other people who are location independent or aspiring to be some kind of location independent person (or nomad, Flashpacker, intercontinental camel-rider, etc). This means that you absolutely do not have to be traveling the world in a hot air balloon to take this survey, just open to the possibility!

Further, if you fill this badboy out, you’ll get a summarized copy of the results, be welcomed into the collective embrace of the 19 (!) blogs that are participating in the survey (listed below), and be contributing to science (or at least something very like science…).

No more lolligagging, take me to the survey. Thanks.

Be sure to check out all of the wonderful people participating in this survey:

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