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So Long, Sassy Shoes

Colin Wright's Sassy Shoes


Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I love a nice pair of shoes. A stylin’-yet-functional duo that will take me where I need to go and make me look good when I get there.

And I found such shoes, and dubbed them my sassy shoes.

I loved them dearly. Perhaps a bit too much.

Because they’re dead now. Worn until they became ragged and floppy and not quite so functional, not quite so stylin’. They were very sans-sassy near the end there, and they were hard to replace.

But replaced they were, because one thing that I’ve gotten very good at is getting rid of stuff, even when I’ve become quite attached to said stuff.

It’s important to remember that our idea of what a thing is comes largely from the icon we hold in our head. Our brain uses shortcuts so that we don’t have to analyze objects over and over again every time we see them. An apple is red and crisp and sweet and roundish and firm to the touch. That apple over there? It might be, but if you don’t take the time to sit down and figure it out, you’ll like just assume that an apple is an apple.

If you’re brain didn’t do this, you’d likely be in trouble. It spends that deeply-investigative energy on things that might be dangerous. But when you’re not in a dangerous situation, take a look around you and see what just isn’t pulling its weight anymore. It might be time to replace some things with newer, more energy efficient/practical/awesome-looking models.

I probably should have replaced my sassy shoes before I did, but it took me a while to recognize the fact that they even needed replacing. They’ve always been a bit designerly/rugged, and a little wear actually gives a pair of shoes more personality, in most cases.

There is a certain point where personality becomes holes in the soles, however, and because my mind was shortcutting my appraisal of them, I’d just put them on every day, sometimes wondering why they felt a little weird (it was because the bottom part was falling off…oops).

So! Investigate. Look closer. Don’t let the world become an icon (like so many people do), because if it is, you might be missing something important (or making a horrible style faux pas…I’ll let you decide which is worse).