This is a guest post by my good porteño friend, Carlos Miceli from OwlSparks. Carlos writes about philosophy, marketing, ambition and anything else that comes within range of his rapid-fire analysis, and as part of our bromance blog exchange, I also wrote a guest post for his blog entitled Bonding by Being Tied. Happy New Year!

If there’s one person in my life that has proven the power of magnetism, that person is Colin Wright.

This guy has improved my life in so many ways, I just had to tell him to crash at my place for as long as he wanted when he was coming back to Buenos Aires. From introducing me to a world of ambitious and powerful contacts, to giving me his books and hair products, to inviting me into a world of VERY beautiful women, getting to know him had an amazing impact in my life.

And none of this would have happened if we weren’t magnetism believers. This means that we trust that by doing what we want, however unconventional it may be, you will always find someone else going through the same thing. The world is so big and connected, magnetism has never been so powerful.

Don’t keep yourself from following whatever path you want, because you will get help along the way. Magnetism will make things work out.

Magnetism is the new thing.
It is the concept that has to be in every ambitious, world-changing and over-achieving mind.
It is the spiritual comfort that only today’s technology and connectivity can provide.
It is the philosophy that will get you through every moment of uncertainty,
It is the mental place to retreat when faith is all you have.

Most importantly, magnetism will get you a place to crash, or a date with a Russian model.