Most Things

For your entire life, from birth to death, you will not know most things.

This will never change, because there is simply so much to know. So much to discover. The act of discovery alone, finding out about everything there is to find out about, would take multiple lifetimes, and as you searched you’d discover even more knowable knowledge. Anyone who tried the same task after you would have an even larger body of information to wade through.

If you’re anything like me, this knowledge, that we cannot learn everything there is to learn, is incredibly frustrating. I want to know everything. From A to Z, I feel as if anything I don’t know makes a mockery of what I do.

But despite my frustration, I’m heartened that I’ll never be lacking for something novel to discover. I’ll never have a legitimate excuse to be bored. I’ll never, ever, in my entire life look out at the world and understand every subtlety, personally lacking horizons to pursue.

For my entire life, from birth to death, I will not know most things. And that’s what keeps me moving forward.

Update: February 26, 2017

This element of my philosophy is a big part of what guides my efforts. I gave into my curiosity years ago, and each step taken since then has led me deeper into a lifestyle that allows me to explore, self-educate, and think about what I’ve learned.

I’ll never know everything, and that means I’ll never have an excuse to stop living and growing.