Opting-Out from Time-Toilets


We live in a world where politicians are more concerned with being elected than creating and enforcing law.

We live in a world where corporations spend just as much time and resources acquiring patents as they do developing the technology that the patents apply to.

We live in a world where brands have become more important than the products and people that they represent.

We live in a world where being skilled at navigating company politics is more important than being good at your job.

We live in a world where what you call yourself (Democrat, Christian, feminist, pacifist, Minimalist, lifestyle designer) is more important than what you actually ARE, according to your actions.

We are suffering from a gross mismanagement of energy, and it’s boggling how much of a person’s time – one’s most valuable resource – is spent on truly meaningless endeavors.

Take a look at your life and be honest: how much of what you’re doing is pointless and not bringing value to ANYONE?

How much of your time is being flushed down the toilet?

I’m not a big fan of setting New Year’s resolutions, as I tend to think the right time to make a change is when you realize a change should be made, but maybe January 1, 2011 is when you’ll reclaim that lost time. When you’ll stop flushing your time away.

Trust me, I live in the ‘real world’ too and I know that we’re not going to change the structure of things just by cutting the deadwood from our day.

Business people will continue to pointlessly politic and politicians will maintain their ceaseless avoidance of productivity.

Pointless-but-sexy arguments will continue to saturate the 24-hour news networks and your neighbors will continue to feel morally superior about their self-proclaimed titles while their supposed causes succeed or fail without them.

There’s not a lot you or I can do about that right now.

But we can remove ourselves from the equation as much as possible.

We can opt-out from the pointless, wasteful, time-sucking mindset that has become status quo.

That reality out there…it’s not truth.

We choose whether to live by the rules of ‘that’s how it is’ or not.

We choose whether to live in appreciation of a concept or to embody it.

Pause for a moment, clear your mind and then think of the possibilities.

Then choose.


  1. Definitely agree with you about the 24-hour news. I think everybody would do themselves a favor to unplug for a few and start focusing on those things that are a little closer to home rather than thousands of miles away. Take back your lives!

  2. Many words of wisdom in this article Colin…

    A saying I read when as a teenager that always stuck with me throughout the years is to “make sure you’re ladder is leaning against the right wall.”

    I think all too-often we get lost in the petty details that don’t mean a thing. Each year, those details erode the most precious gift we’ve been given: time. Great article to help open our eyes about this social epidemic and what we can do to move past it.

  3. Titles are more damaging than they’re worth. One of the dangers of the internet is that we are supposed to succinctly summarize our entirety into a few pages of information. ‘Smart writing’ says you shouldn’t even use full paragraphs, full sentences. You should be able to write a word down and have it translate into information about you.
    How many people are running around calling themselves minimalists, branding experts, social media entrepreneurs, when in reality all they have amounts to buzzwords and hashtags.
    Get real, start engaging the world.

  4. One of the most freeing changes I made in life was deciding years ago that the only person allow to waste my time was me. If it was pointless, I chose it for its pointlessness not because someone wanted me to do it. A lot of areas as you’ve pointed out are full of ridiculous behavior because that’s just the way it is. I say opt out.

  5. Colin, this is great stuff. It reminds me of my last office job – I could only escape the office politics and time-wasters by taking my lunch, but the TV in the cafeteria always had CNN on, so it was just one kind of pointless politics to another. Let’s ditch the labels and start defining ourselves by our actions!

  6. Well said!

    This got me thinking about all of the time that I waste… Yuck! I’m opting out of those time toilets right now. 2011 is going to be all about dropping the busy-ness and getting down to business for me.

    Thank you for this article!

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