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This Post Will Be Short, Because There’s Cake

I turned 27 today, and although it’s one of those awkward numbers that don’t mean anything (not like 21, or 25, or 30), it’s also just old enough that I should feel old, but just young enough that I’m still youngish. Thankfully, I’ve been feeling younger and younger ever year, and arguably doing less-and-less ‘adult’ things (not a euphemism) every day. Take that, social expectations!

I tallied up the votes for the next country I’ll move to today, as a birthday gift to myself, and Romania came out on top; a shocking turn-of-events, because until just a week and a half ago, it wasn’t even in the top 5. I’ll write a post about this soon, but I’m already psyched to make the move, and looking forward to learning more about this country that got such lovely comments by the folks who voted for it. I’ll be moving there in June, so I’ll be seeing you soon, Romanians!

What am I doing until June?

I’m spending time with my family, which has been (and will continue to be) nice. I’m also finishing up my next book — a sequel to My Exile Lifestyle — and I’m planning on having it in pretty good shape by the end of April, on the e-shelves in May.

I’ve also started up a new business with a couple of guys you might recognize. Joshua Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus, and Thom Chambers. Perhaps predictably, this new venture is publishing-related. Less-predictable is the model we’re fine-tuning. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this from us in the very near-future.

Finally, Jóna and I have finished up our Greyhound road trip around the US, and though we’re still recovering from such a whirlwind tour around the country, we are proud to have seen such beautiful landscapes, met such wonderful people along the way, and undertaken such a brazen adventure for its own sake. I’ll be writing up a guide on how you can do the same (and what we learned along the way) once I’m done writing the above-mentioned book this month.

UPDATE: I’ve been getting people asking what they can get me for my birthday, and that is just frickin’ ridiculously cool, folks, so thanks for the thought! I’ve got everything I want at the moment, but if you want to put another smile on my face, maybe pick up one of my books you haven’t read from Amazon (they’re cheap!), or take a look at Exiles and consider subscribing (it’s also quite cheap! The next issue is being released tonight, too!). Otherwise, just keep being the amazing people you are and stay in touch :)