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Reader Appreciation Day!

WBSQ ladies


Going on a road trip has given me a lot of time to talk about the blogging process with two very talented members of the field, and while talking yesterday (about what to do with an extra 24 hours we found in our schedule), we decided to act on something we’ve all been wanting to do for some time.

Ash, Andi and I all have ambitious audiences, full of people looking to shake things up and take control of their lifestyles.

The biggest hurdle we hear about, however, is money. The next step can’t be taken, some fear, because they don’t have enough money to pay someone to set up their site, design their logo, do some basic PR or some other small thing that they personally don’t have the knowledge or skill set to do personally.

We decided to take these 24 hours and attack this problem head on. Enter the Reader Appreciation Day Sale.

For the next 24 hours (ending at noon, Central Time, tomorrow) we’ll be HEAVILY discounting the prices on our services. For me this means everything from design to branding to consulting on whatever business endeavor you have going on to development to writing content for your site. I’m hunkering down with a bottle of wine and free food from my family (thanks family!) and knocking out as much as possible while I’m here.

What really makes this thing special, though, is that I’m joining forces with the lovely ladies I’m traveling with, who have their own special skills to throw into the mix.

Miss Andi Norris is a very talented and creative designer, not to mention a whiz with development and an excellent writer. She brings some really unique skills to the table, too, like content analysis (where she essentially goes through your existing site and gives you a really detailed rundown as to what’s missing and what messages are confusing…can really help to take things up a notch).

Miss Ash Ambirge is a PR specialist with mad skills she can leverage to get the word out about you and your business (or blog). She also writes content of all shapes, sizes and purposes and can help you to leverage what you’ve got (or build what you need) to get the best results from your time and money.

MOST of the services will go for $100-200. Only the slightly larger endeavors (like setting up a website) will be a tad more (but still at a discount of over 75% off). Click here to get your quote!

A video of me wearing glasses explaining the sale:

Here is a partial list of services we provide between the 3 of us:

Logos, one-sheets, business cards, stationery, banners, ads, posters

Websites, blogs, Flash banners, forms, technical support, installations, content analysis

Editing, color correction, animation, slideshows, formatting, uploading, technical support

Press releases, content analysis, copywriting

Posts, pages, sales copy, greeting cards, haikus

Entrepreneurship, branding, business, design, blogging, writing, relationships, lifestyle design, marketing, PR, social media, travel, publishing, brainstorming, strategizing

Chit-chatting, karaokeing, playing online video games, watching us dance, interviews, tell us jokes and we’ll laugh at the right times

These are all just suggestions! If you need something else done, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

If you want to get your name on the list for the sale, click here and fill out the form. One of us will get back to you faster than probably should be allowed.