The sandwich I snagged from a higher-end convenience store is average, though the components are wonderful. Fresh turkey. Fresh lettuce. Fresh bread. Everything should be excellent. But there’s one thing that’s keeping me from grinning like a mad-person while devouring it.

That thing is the mayo.

I’ve got nothing against mayo. Sometimes it really works, but for some reason the pre-packaged sandwich makers seem to think that slathering the thing in condiments is a good way to get return customers.

And it probably works in some cases. People like mayo. It was a smart marketing move. Just not for me.

For me, it would be great if they had a few ‘roadwiches’ without mayo. Sure, it would take a bit more effort — expanding their product line a bit, and upping the man-hours to make the special orders a reality — but it would endear the product to me and I would actively search for any brand that made a special exception for my tastes.

This is definitely not possible (or probable) in many industries, but what about yours? Is there something you can be doing for a small portion of your audience that would elevate them from casual consumers into enthusiastic fans?

Update: January 6, 2017

Strangely, I remember the sandwich that spurred this, let’s be honest, fairly surface-level post. It was pretty bad, but I was roadtripping around New Zealand, so I was willing to except the periodic bad sandwich in exchange for all that beautiful scenery.