If It’s Rubbish, Trash It

ebookling logo sketch


It was several months ago that I took ebookling down to give the site a much-needed upgrade.

I was actually really excited about the impending overhaul because I wasn’t expecting to be able to do it so quickly. When I build a business, I try to keep it overhead-free so that I’m in the black from day one, and nothing is invested but time (less to lose if worse comes to worse). In any case, things took off, and within weeks rather than the months I had planned for, I had the money I needed to buy a whiz-bang new e-commerce setup that would allow me to implement a bunch of new features, fix some problems I was having with the site and generally take things to the next level.

I spent the better part of 2 months working on a completely new site. I tweaked and finessed and augmented and redesigned and patched and updated and redesigned again and reinstalled and went back and forth with tech support until one day it hit me: I was 90% done and I absolutely hated the new site. I really couldn’t stand it.

It says a lot about willful blindness that I was staring at the same site I had been for months when I was struck by this obvious fact, and as soon as I was confident enough about my assertion (which I was after a few more minutes of thinking), I tore the whole damn thing down and decided to take another tact.

And boy am I glad I did. Looking back, I had strayed so far from the way I build and do business, it wasn’t enough funny.

I was absolutely intent on solving every single problem that ever popped up and building every single feature I had ever imagined into ebookling, and that goes against my values. I like shops that are easy to use, good-looking, practical and simple. If new features are added, they should be added on top of a solid foundation that has had all the kinks worked out to near-perfection. The front-end and back-end of a site should be intuitive and ‘just work,’ as they’re fond of saying over at Apple.

Even though it took more work to start over again, and despite the fact that I had to invest more time and money in something that is still an uncertain bet, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and where it’s going.

The new ebookling launched TODAY and you can check out the new veneer and store by clicking here.

There’s an updated look and feel, but the idea behind ebookling hasn’t changed a bit. I still want to get all the best ebook and egood content from around the net in one place so that readers will have more to choose from and so that authors will have a bigger audience to work with.

If you have a product you think would be a good fit for the shop, send me a message and tell me about it.

Either way, keep in mind that you can ALWAYS start over, even if you’re deep into a project and it seems like an immense undertaking to start from scratch.

If something you’re working on is rubbish, trash it. And then do it again. Better.

If it’s the difference between putting out a product you’re happy with a little later than planned and putting out a product that you’re unhappy with right on time, you should choose the former every time.