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I’m late.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to have a kid (even though that would be a gorgeous baby).

What I mean is that I’m way late in opening up the votes for the next country I’ll move to, and there are a few reasons for my tardiness.

The first is that I’ve been crazy busy with a few projects, including a book that I’ll be releasing in the near-future, and that’s kept me very focused in the now. Starting up something new on the blog (even if it’s something I’ve done four times before) takes time, and I didn’t want to just shlub something together and call it a day.

The second is that I’ve been crazy busy networking in Iceland. There are some really amazing people doing really amazing things around here, and I’ve made it a personal goal to meet and chat with as many of them as possible. I’m doing what I can to connect them with other people I’ve met around the world (and other Icelanders they may not have come across), but at this point they’ve been handedly outdoing me in the connections department, shooting out email introductions and inviting me to all kinds of (sometimes drunken) events. It’s been insane, but totally worth it.

The third reason is that I’m going to be staying in the States for anywhere from 2 to 4 months after Iceland in order to focus completely on some of these projects I’ve got going. The thing is that most of the people I’m working with on my various ventures live in the US, and in order to take a great leap forward on them I’m going to try and spend some time in the same cities they live in so that we can sync up more easily and bust out some newness.

We’ve also gotten to the point with Ebookling where we’re starting to take a serious look at investors and incubators, and if we pick up something along those lines, I’ll be hanging out in America longer than if we keep bootstrapping it.

But all that in mind, I’m still going to be traveling, and really there won’t be much difference this time compared to the other times I’ve been between countries (between Argentina and New Zealand I traveled through South America, between New Zealand and Thailand I took a road trip across the US, etc), it’s just that this time my crazy adventure is less a project and more project-oriented. That’s it. Don’t cry. No baby, remember?

So on that note, let the voting commence! Every country in the world is available in the dropdown below, but remember that I’ve lived in the US, Argentina, New Zealand, Thailand, and Iceland already, and that if a country I’m not able to get into for whatever reason (visa problems, it’s currently at war with itself, etc) I’ll have to go with the second-place winner.

Feel free to tell me why you selected the country that you did, as well, because it’s tons of fun for me to read about the inspiration behind your vote.

Go at it!