Right Now

It’s 3:30am Friday morning and I’m still procrastinating.

But this is Buenos Aires, and 3:30am is nothing. 3:30am is for sissies and I’m no sissy.

Seeing as how I’m leaving Buenos Aires this weekend — leaving all my new friends behind and setting out by bus to god-knows-where in the Argentinean countryside — I’m having trouble focusing on getting this post done.

I may be a sissy.

After a short burst of sleep, I’ll be waking up early to meet with a friend of mine so that we can tidy up some business and say our goodbyes. Then I’m having lunch with another friend who I haven’t seen in days before meeting up with another friend for tea and medialunas. Then I’ll hop across town to join a group of friends for dinner, and later I’ll likely be going to a club with another group of friends.

Saturday? I’ll be checking out of my apartment just in time to head over to watch a Boca fútbol match with yet another friend. I need to fit a get-together with one of my besties in there somewhere, along with a quick wine tasting with a good porteńo friend of mine, Carlos.

A Pleasant Problem

My main problem at the moment is that I have a lot of good friends that I’m really going to miss in Buenos Aires.

I only have a few days left and my head is spinning trying to finagle my calendar into a workable model, keeping in mind that schedules are fluid here and meals tend to take hours to finish.

This is, of course, a silly thing to complain about — you can never have enough good friends or super powers, I always say — but I find that having so many lovely people around to visit with is making me want to stay past my self-imposed deadline, which is really testing my will power.

Then again, I KNOW that I will leave by Sunday. There’s no question about that. Using a twisted kind of Utilitarian philosophy I remind myself that the best thing for everyone is for me to move on: we will all stay in touch and continue to grow in different directions, making our subsequent meetings all the more wonderful.

The Plan

My travel plans have changed a tad since the last time I wrote about them.

I’m leaving Buenos Aires Sunday, the 6th of December and by January 26, I need to be up in Bogota, Colombia to catch a flight that will take me to Florida and Los Angeles for a few days apiece, followed by Australia for a few weeks, and then finally New Zealand (where you folks voted for me to go!) where I will live for 4 months.

In the interim, I’ll be heading over to Uruguay to renew my Argentinean visa, then to Cordoba to meet with a friend from LA. We’ll head up to Salta and then part ways, at which point I’ll hop from bus to bus until I reach the very bottom of the country.

I’ll likely spend Christmas in Tierra del Fuego, then hustle back up to Buenos Aires for New Year’s, which will give me a week to spend in the Northern part of the country before making my way through Brazil (where I may meet up with a few BA friends) up to Colombia, where I’ll take a few days to look around before catching my flight.

This is, of course, all speculation and will very likely change as I travel. The distances in Argentina can be very deceptive (I’m told) and the country is quite vast, so I’ll likely have to recalibrate as I move around.

Just know that I’ll be moving from city to city, town to town, for the next 2 months (more or less) and that from what I hear, Buenos Aires is not a great representation of the rest of the country.

I’m intrigued.

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Good night!

Photo by my friend Kara Bieber!