The Best You Can Do vs the Best You Can Do With What’s Available

boxes that limit us


You are probably fairly well aware of what your best is in a given circumstance.

Even if you’ve never pushed yourself to your absolute limit, it’s usually pretty obvious whereabouts it is, and knowing this helps you judge how much effort to put into a given activity for the maximum results for the time that you have.

But what about those situations where the resources are limited?

The math changes. Whereas before you would calculate based on 2 variables (your skill level and how much time it takes to achieve it), now you are forced to include a third (availability of necessary resources).

In many instances, this added complication will limit the positive results you’re able to achieve in the amount of time you’ve allotted.

If you’re able to be creative, however, this additional limitation can actually result in higher yields.

As long as you’re willing to be creative and roll with the punches, the box you’re forced to work within can actually become a foundation to stand on, allowing you to reach greater heights.

Keep this in mind the next time you find yourself confronting a new barrier and freezing up at the prospect of dealing with it.