There Will Always Be More

There will always be more ideas, if you’re capable of having them.

There will always be more opportunities, if you’re in the position to notice and take advantage of them.

There will always be more ways to stand out and show the world who you are, if you’re willing to do so in the first place.

There will always be more paychecks and rich foods and attractive company and exciting stories to live out and tell to awestruck friends and family years later, once the scars have healed.

And because there will always be more, what’s important is deciding which foods to eat, paychecks to work for, facets of your personality to emphasize, and ideas to make manifest.

Before you can filter intelligently, intentionally, you have to know yourself really, really well. You have to know what you want, why you want it, and how best to get there. You have to know yourself on an incredibly intimate level, because if you don’t, it’s far too easy to get lost in a deluge of directionless ambition and unchecked consumption.

If you’re able to focus and filter, there will always be more of everything you need. Take the time to figure out who you are, and you’ll find out what ‘plenty’ means to you.

Update: April 10, 2017

One of the best ways to position yourself to take advantage of opportunities that arise and live the life you’ve got is to know yourself as completely as possible, and to allow that knowledge to guide you, unabashedly.