My Time in New Vegas and a Few Questions

Fallout: New Vegas sign


Media Binging

I could tell you a story about how I hit the road, the victim of mysterious circumstances that led to a bullet in my head.

How I hunted the man who buried me alive, and followed the robot with a cartoon-cowboy face all the way to Vegas, eventually killing the near-immortal man who ran the joint, offing the West Coast soldiers who helped me take control, and executing a dictator named Caesar who was enslaving anyone he didn’t crucify on his way to dominating the remnants of a post-nuclear-apocalyptic United States.

But I won’t, because if you played Fallout: New Vegas, you’d probably have a very different experience than I did. And that’s what these kinds of games are all about: shaping the story based on your actions. This is something I really appreciate about modern video games.

You may have guessed that I’ve gotten started on my media binge experiment, and the aforementioned Xbox 360 game was the first on my list of ‘to beat’s. I’ve also finished up the first three seasons of Breaking Bad (and the first episode of the fourth season, though that was extra credit), and watched Midnight in Paris.

My conclusions so far? Games are much more involved than I remember, though also a little easier (especially from a user interface and storyline perspective), TV is a lot better than I remember (so long as you choose the right shows), and movies are just as fun as I remember (though indie films seem to have much larger budgets than I’d come to expect).

This is just a primary conclusion, of course, as I’m not anywhere near done with the experiment. I also haven’t had the chance to really think about what I’ve learned from the media I’ve already ingested, but I’m already happy to have taken this task on, and I’m really thankful for all of the excellent media recommendations you folks have been sending me.

I’m still looking for more movie suggestions, by the way, so drop me a line with some of your favorites, if you have a moment.

Newsletter Thinger

Something I’d like to ask you about real quick is an idea that I have for an add-on to the site; a newsletter I’m tentatively calling ‘Exiles.’

The idea is to essentially write a whole lot more of the kind of stuff I generally write about here on the blog, combined with stories like the ones told in my newest book, My Exile Lifestyle. I’m thinking I could also throw in some links to other interesting information and resources, for flavor.

This wouldn’t change my rate or quality of posting here, of course – this blog is, and will stay, free – but I’m keen to start writing more, and that will take away time that I could be spending on money-making activities. I can justify the extra time it would take to put together this kind of thing each month, however, if I charge something for it, thereby making the writing a money-making activity!

But what? I don’t want to produce something no one wants, and I also don’t want it to be inaccessible.

So I ask you the following questions:

1. Would you be interested in something like this if I created it?

2. How frequently would you want to receive it? (I’m thinking once or twice a month would be about right to achieve the level of quality I want, but you tell me)

3. What would you be interested in reading about? (Do you like the ideas I mention above? Not interested in them? Want something else included? Or instead?)

4. How much do you think would be a fair price to pay each month? (I want to keep the price low – many people are aiming in the $20+ range these days for premium newsletters, and I’m sure they’re earning it, but I want to make this VERY accessible – so I was thinking in the $5 range)

I’d really appreciate your input! Let me know your answers in the comments below, or by shooting me an email.

And if I haven’t told you lately, you guys and gals are what makes this whole blogging thing fun for me, so thanks a million for your candor, insight, and support :)