I’m Totally Holding Back

Victory Horizon


Have you ever worked out with weighted arm- or leg-bands?

That’s how I feel sometimes, but with life in general, not with working out in particular. And it’s intentional.

There are things I want to do – that I will do – but I’m holding back. Biding my time. Waiting for the right moment.

Conventional non-conventional thinking (what you’ll read on blogs and in inspirational books) says that I should drop everything and plow forward recklessly. Don’t think, feel. Don’t wait, jump.

Hell, I’ve given this same advice. In a lot of cases, and for a lot of people, it’s the best tip you can give. If you’re afraid to fail or try new things or scared of change or the like, not giving your thought process a chance to catch up with your scary ambitions is smart, and could very well change your life dramatically (and hopefully for the better).

But I’m not afraid to fail. I like trying new things. I thrive on change.

For me what’s difficult is pacing myself. Regulating. Holding back.

And that’s what I’m doing right now. People ask me what I’m up to and I’ll list off a string of current projects and goals, but I’ve got more. A whole lot more, actually, some that would be just for kicks and some that could be game-changers. I want to pursue them all, and with gusto.

And I intend to, just not right at this moment.

Life is short and you have to be ambitious if you want to fit everything into those hundred-or-so years, but if you keep your eyes tunnel-focused on that next goal, you won’t be able to enjoy the rewards of the last goal you reached, and the one before that.

Life is just one victory horizon after another and it’s important to slow down sometimes to enjoy the view.