How to Travel Full Time

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One of the coolest parts of what I do for a living is getting to read emails from people all around the world who read my blog, my books, or otherwise come across my story somewhere in the multimedia ether and decide to shoot me a message.

Not only do I get to hear about other peoples’ lives, but I also have the opportunity to answer questions and help people out, which is a great feeling, and a focus of my personal philosophy. Win-win!

Looking back over the past 2+ years, I’ve also realized that a lot of these questions are the same or similar.

I’ve thought about how I might be able to provide those answers more easily while also providing more involved, detailed answers to folks who need them, and have decided to release a series of ebooks that revolve around the topics that I’m most frequently asked about.

These ebooks won’t be like My Exile Lifestyle or Exiles. Rather than relating stories from the road, I’ll be putting together quick-and-dirty guides that are intended to get readers started with the right resources, mindsets and explanations of topics they are interested in.

The first of these ebooks, How to Travel Full Time, just went on sale in the Amazon store.

As the title implies, How to Travel Full Time is a book about life on the road, with instructions and tips on how to plan your lifestyle shift, take the leap and survive when you get off the plane. It clocks in at about 100 pages and will cost you all of $.99. If you’re at all interested in the topic and have a buck to spare, I would be very grateful if you’d check it out and let me know what you think. A review on Amazon would be lovely, as well (it helps future sales of that book, along with all of my other books).

This new ebook comes on the heels of a re-release of my most-downloaded ebook ever, How to Be Remarkable.

How to Be Remarkable was my second book (How to Travel Full Time is my sixth), and it has had well over 100,000 downloads in its original PDF format. This new version has been updated, redesigned and optimized for ebook readers, and is also selling for $.99 over at Amazon.

Due to my new indie publishing model, you can also snag both books for free if you subscribe to Exiles for a year sometime within the next week, which ends up costing you $3 per month (and includes 5 new chapters of an ‘everlasting ebook’ I write delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks). It should be noted that you will also get any other ebook I write during that year for free.

I’d also love to know what other ebooks you’d like to see written in this series. What topics do I talk about that you’d like a more in-depth look at? What are you curious about? What can I expound upon? Let me know via email, or in the comments below!

PS: check out the first section of How to Travel Full Time below!



Everyone I know who travels full time has a different reason for doing so.

For some, it’s to try as many different foods as possible.

For others, it’s to visit every country in the world before they reach a certain age.

For still others, it’s about discovering untapped markets and investing in budding economies.

For me, travel represents freedom. I have freedom of location, sure, but also the free‐ dom to communicate with whomever I want, and to not communicate with those I don’t want to keep in touch with. I have the freedom to wake up and go to sleep when I want, and to decide how long to stay in a given place and when I should leave, breaking my established habits and routines.

It’s also about perspective.

As a communicator, it’s important to me that I’m able to convey what I want to convey, and that I’m able to accurately assess a problem before trying to solve it. Without the right perspective, I may be (metaphorically) saying the right thing in the wrong language — which doesn’t do anyone much good — or I might be saying the wrong thing, lacking an alternate viewpoint that would have allowed me to come up with better words.

Finally, it’s about the opportunity to experience new things; trying and failing, meeting and befriending, loving and hating. Testing myself again and again causes me to grow in ways that I didn’t know were possible before I started traveling full time, and the knowledge that my growth is entirely in my control is a huge motivator to make the most of it.

Your reasons will be different from mine — even if just in the details — and it’s impor‐ tant to know why you want to do what you want to do, because that will guide your preparations and determine if you really want what you think you want.