Travel-Buddies on the Journey Through Life


Traveling with a friend can be a blast, or it can be an immense disappointment.

It all depends on how well you get along and communicate, and how much you each gain by having the other around.

Are you just there because you have to be, or have you chosen to be around this person? Are you benefiting from their company, or are they getting in the way of you seeing and doing what you want to see and do?

This doesn’t just apply to travel-buddies, it applies to the people you surround yourself with EVERY DAY.

Life is too short to spend it with people who don’t inspire you or otherwise make you happy.

Act accordingly.


  1. A few years back I went on a road trip to Chicago with my then best friend and it became apparent to us both that our friendship had run its course. She had lived in Chicago and wanted to show me the sights and during the trip she had a couple of meltdowns. I remember walking up and down Navy Pier with her freaking out because she couldn’t find a restaurant that served turkey burgers. Finally I just made her choose and she pouted and basically refused to eat. The next day we missed our train into downtown because she was driving like a grandma to the station and she threw a mini temper tantrum. A repeat of the restaurant fiasco started that day as well only we landed at Hard Rock Cafe because she couldn’t decide on where she wanted to eat and then she was pissy because I asked her in front of the waiter if she wanted to eat there or go somewhere else. There were several other ridiculous things that happened on this trip and finally it came to a point where our 8 year friendship just wasn’t fun anymore and I walked away.

    I saw the circles where our commonality overlapped were minimal and had become gripe sessions about our jobs and I got tired of the negativity. I processed the concept of “friendship divorce” and I felt so liberated and haven’t looked back. And honestly I think she’s better for it too.

  2. (I may have told this story on another blog, or even this one, so I hope I’m not repeating myself.)

    I was at a party last weekend with my wife, and it was with some old family friends of ours. Regardless of how much I enjoy their company, my wife and I decided to leave because they were spending most of their time complaining about people that weren’t there. Who needs that kind of energy, especially at a Christmas party? Sometimes you need to detach the emotion from the decision. Just because you “always hang out with” these people doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get away from them if they are bringing you down. Great thoughts here, Colin!

  3. so true…and i can say that i have experienced both of cases, and i would that in either situation, you will remember it no matter what.

  4. It can be difficult. Sometimes, people who you get along with almost all the time aren’t very good travel buddies. (Not for you, anyway.)

    The question is:
    How can we know if it’ll work out?!

    I suppose it would be wise to think very hard before asking someone to travel with you.

  5. One of the most important things you can do in life is dedicate some time to understanding WHY you have certain people in your life, and I think this blog touches on that.

    When I was dating my (now) wife, that was one of the characteristics that drew me to her. A sense of adventure, a great traveling companion and a person that made me better.

    From friends to spouses, I have travelled extensively with my 3 closest friends and my wife. And would do it again in a heartbeat. That is one of the important reasons I keep them in my life.

    Great post Colin!

  6. Just posted a day or so ago about the importance of choosing friends wisely. There are so many colloquialisms about judging someone by the people they surround themselves with. My big question has always been: can you afford their bad image to be associated with you?

  7. In my experience, I choose to be there because I truly believe happiness is a choice. If I’m not having fun with a travel mate, playmate or what have you, I evacuate and go on my own. Life is too short to be with someone that makes you unhappy.



  8. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’ve been cutting out the friends in my life who aren’t holding their weight. I want to be around people i really want to be around.

    Also, i learned this when traveling. I took a friend with my to climb up a mountain, and she couldn’t get very far. Next time, i’m going alone (when it gets warm again).

  9. I hope this means I inspire you, not that I’m an “immense disappointment” =) This is so true Colin, it can be especially hard to cut ties with people you have known for a long time but have become “Happiness Leeches” but it must be done, if people don’t make an effort to contribute to your life, why would you waste your time trying to contribute to theirs. Its a two way street to awesome town.

  10. A lot of my friends are paralyzed by their own fears to grow on, which I can understand is difficult. But while I’m trying to motivate them, I’ve decided to not let them hold me back from growing. Good post.

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