Where Am I?

Oh man, what a whirlwind month it has been.

I’ve been posting my writings a bit out of order, so you may be a bit confused as to where I’m at – literally and project-wise – so here’s the scoop.

After leaving Argentina I had quite the adventure when I took a 72-hour bus ride from Buenos Aires up to Lima. This ended up leaving such a big impression that I published my thoughts from along the way in a three piece series.

I had intended to shuffle on over to Bogota next, spending a few days there before flying up to Florida, but there was a badly-timed (for me, anyway) transportation strike in Peru while I was there and though I was hoping to have the opportunity to bribe some kind of official while in South America, because to the violence that can sometimes occur during this kind of strike in Peru I opted instead to wait it out and, when that didn’t work, just fly directly from Lima to Florida.

Why Florida? My sister lives in Florida! I had a great time visiting her and spending a few days living in the comfort of a retirement community (seriously) and enjoying her company and that of my parents (who flew down from Missouri for the occasion).

Next I mosied over to Los Angeles to visit with some friends and clients. I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I had a great time with those I was able to meet up with.

With only a few days left in LA I ended up getting a call that changed my plans completely and resulted in my flying out to New York for a week, a decision that was a bit pricey but DEFINITELY worth it. I’ll be posting something more thorough about this soon so I’ll spare you the details at the moment, but I will say this: I met Seth Godin while there. *cue chorus of angeles*

After a freezing but excellent time in NYC, I flew back to LA for a few more days where I stayed with a good friend from college who is about to undertake his own Exile (and met a gal who is taking a WOOFFING approach to the Exile model, which looks to be pretty dang cool) and then hopped a flight down to Melbourne, Australia where I am now.


In a few days I’ll be leaving Oz for New Zealand, and I’m super-psyched to get the next leg of my Exile Lifestyle up and running!

What Now?

I have a laundry list of things I’m looking to get done in the very near-future, and here are a few of them.

  • I’m going to be doing a fairly sizable update to the site. I’ll be adding more interaction between the main Exile Lifestyle page and Hard Is Easy, my tumblelog where I post photos, videos, and anything else that doesn’t fit perfectly here. I’m striving to keep the minimalistic look-and-feel intact, so I’ve got some work ahead of me!
  • I’ll be posting more video content and integrating that into the main site, as well. I’ve had many requests for this kind of thing (not least from my volunteer marketing consultant, Lis, who has been sending me all kinds of good ideas for EL, this being one of them).
  • I’m looking into getting some t-shirts made, some with just the Exile Lifestyle logo and some with illustrations I’ve done for the site. The hard part here is finding a service I like…CafePress and its ilk don’t have the shirt quality I’m looking for, and one of the rules for this site is that I’ll never sell or promote anything I wouldn’t use myself, so if you know of a company that has really solid print quality and a fulfillment service (and will print on American Apparel shirts or something similar), then drop me a line. I’ve had several requests, and honestly, I’d love to get a few for myself!
  • In March, I’m going to be writing a new blog post every day for the whole month. That’s 31 posts in 31 days, folks, and my fingers already hurt from all the typing.
  • Speaking of writing, I’d love to get more guest posts out into the ether. I’ve written quite a few recently and have gotten a great response from them, so I’d love to provide you with some great content in exchange for a conversation with your audience. Drop me a line here if you’re down like Chinatown.
  • Oh oh oh! When I get to New Zealand, I’ll be asking for suggestions on which country I should move to after New Zealand. I’ll take the first 8 countries, put them on a poll, and then let my readers submit their votes for the next month (the month of March…oh what a month it will be!).
  • A handful of other things, but this list is already getting kind of long, and I don’t want to drown you in details.

On Networking

I get a lot of emails from readers asking about certain aspects of the Exile Lifestyle project, and one subject that I’ve been asked a lot about lately is networking.

How is it that I’m able to meet new business connections while traveling all around, seeming not to do any work at all?

It’s funny, because until I started answering these kinds of questions I didn’t realize how strange my approach to networking is. The way I do it just comes naturally to me, but it works incredibly well and I’ve begun to tell others a bit more about how I do what I do.

After a dozen-or-so really long email responses I decided that I would write an eBook on the subject. I would go through my philosophies on networking, strategies and tips that I’ve found to work for me, and all kinds of other information that should turn any social-serf into relationship-royalty.

This is where you come in.

I know all about how I approach networking, but I want to hear more about how you do it.

What’s your approach? Do you subscribe to business-book wisdom, or just wing it? Where do you meet potential clients or customers? How do you dress? Who do you take with you (if anyone)?

Any horror stories? Tales of epic success? Old wives’ tales that will educate and entertain?

I’m looking for contributors for the eBook, and I want to get you, my readers, involved.

I’m often told by other bloggers that they’re thrilled to get a link to their site from this one because my readers are super-smart and communicative.

It’s true! And I want to harvest that intensity and share it with the world! So if you get the chance, package up some of your networking wisdom and send it my way via email or using this form.

Feel free to get a conversation going in the comment section, as well. Networking is something that a lot of people have trouble with, so if you have a question, why not post it there? Hell, just by posting you’re engaging in a type of networking, so it’s basically work (whether or not those hours are billable is debatable, however).

Thanks for taking the time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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