What’s Next

In 6 days, I’m leaving LA.

I’ll be spending a weekend in Seattle, helping my now-girlfriend (and soon-to-be ex-girlfriend) move before heading to Missouri to say goodbye to friends and family. The last stop is a quick meetup with my sister in Miami before hopping a flight to EZE in Buenos Aires, Argentina (landing on September 15), where I will be living until January 15, 2010.

I’ve been in Los Angeles for almost 2.5 years, and in that time I’ve come to really appreciate the culture and the people, even though I’m more of a NY guy at heart. I’ll be putting together an official goodbye to LA for the day I leave, but I wanted to give the gilded City of Angels a quick salute now for being a better experience than I thought it would be when I first moved here immediately after college.

The big news is that with a new living situation also comes some serious upgrades to Exile Lifestyle.

I’ll be adding a couple of subsidiary sites to the ‘Exile Network,’ which will allow me to flesh out the ‘travel’ aspect of the site without completely overwhelming the lifestyle design and other aspects of it. I’ll also be starting up an e-commerce shop with recommended EBooks, software, gear, etc etc etc. I’ll try and put everything that I’m taking with me on my trip up there, too, so you can have access to the same equipment I’ve tracked down for my trip and will be reviewing as time goes by (also: if you get the same stuff, then we’ll be twins!).

You’ll start to see more guest authors write for the site, as well, covering topics along the same vein as I would, but with their own personal twist. The first of these articles has already been published (by Mr. Sean Ogle, from Location 180), and I have a few more already in the queue. There are so many really talented and insightful people out there to be exposed to, and I want to make sure you folks have access to all of them.

Along those same lines, I’ll be contributing more to other blogs: writing guest posts as much as possible in order to speak to new audiences and form stronger bonds with my fellow bloggers, who have already inspired and helped me along so much in my preparation for this project.

Finally, I’ve got 2 new EBooks on the horizon; a treatise of sorts on confidence, and a kind of augmented manifesto with a lot of practical suggestions for improving your life (and that sort of thing).

All of this will be happening between my moving away from LA and my moving to Argentina. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks!

I want to take a moment to once again say thank you to all of my readers. Your attention and active participation in the conversations here on Exile Lifestyle are of incredible value to me and other people who are taking on new challenges and working to live their lives to the fullest. I’m humbled by your attention and insight, and I hope to continue earning it moving forward.

Update: May 9, 2016

Wow, lots going on here.

First, can we talk about how wonderful it is that few authors write ‘EBooks’ or ‘eBooks’ anymore? The lazy ‘ebooks’ is so much more pleasing to the eye. I should note that I’m writing this in 2016, the year when the MFA Style Guide finally gave up the ghost and decided that ‘Internet’ could be ‘internet.’ So you can stop hassling me now, autocorrect.

Second, I deleted a sentence from the post above indicating that people should email me if they want to have a guest post published on the blog. I’ve had a message on my FAQ page for ages saying that I don’t accept guest posts (I stopped accepting them maybe five years ago), and was frustrated that people were still pitching me constantly. I wonder if this might have been the culprit — sorry about the confusion.

Third, those two books I mentioned are books that did pretty damn well in the ‘free ebooks’ sense of the word (hundreds of thousands of downloads), particularly this early, before the Kindle was a popular thing that anyone took seriously. That non-money-earning success was what set me on the path to writing books for a living. So a big thanks everyone who told me my so-so books were good! That helped me get to the point where they actually are.

Finally, that weekend with my ex up in Seattle was incredibly bittersweet, and visiting my sister in Miami before leaving resulted in spending hours at a zoo sweating out every beverage I’ve ever consumed right before hopping on an international flight. So an apology to whomever sat next to me on that flight, I guess.