WordTasting Tour, 2015

I’m a huge fan of road trips.

I love exploring a country overland. There’s so much worth seeing in the space between places, and a road trip is the longer-term embodiment of that type of exploration. It’s a project that allows you to take more wrong turns, enjoy more random opportunities, and encounter more people you wouldn’t have ever met, otherwise.

As such, I’m thrilled to formally announce the first ever Asymmetrical Press WordTasting Tour, which will take place in May and June of this year. On this tour, I’ll be traveling the Western United States and Canada with my good friends and business partners The Minimalists, authors Shawn Mihalik and Josh Wagner, and musician Skye Steele.

Our intention is build a ‘book tour’ experience that’s atypical from what one might expect. We wanted to have multiple authors presenting their work, talks that go beyond those readings, and an interweaving of other creative live performances, like music.

All of us are dedicating two months of our lives to this (in addition to all the prep time), in the hope that we can present something really interesting and fulfilling. All tour stops will be free of charge.

RSVP for the event in your city to ensure you get a seat. I hope to see you there!

Dates and Cities

May 1 — Missoula, MT (free tickets)

May 2 — Hamilton, MT (free tickets)

May 4 — Whitefish/Kalispell, MT (free tickets)

May 5 — Helena, MT (free tickets)

May 7 — Billings, MT (free tickets)

May 9 — Great Falls, MT (free tickets)

May 10 — Calgary, AB, Canada (free tickets)

May 11 — Edmonton, AB, Canada (free tickets)

May 14 — Vancouver, BC, Canada (free tickets)

May 15 — Victoria, BC, Canada (free tickets)

May 18 — Seattle, WA (free tickets)

May 20 — Olympia, WA (free tickets)

May 24 — Portland, OR (free tickets)

May 26 — Ashland, OR (free tickets)

May 29 — Reno, NV (free tickets)

May 30 — Sacramento, CA (free tickets)

June 1 — Berkeley, CA (free tickets)

June 2 — San Francisco, CA (free tickets)

June 3 — Santa Cruz, CA (free tickets)

June 5 — Los Angeles, CA (free tickets)

June 7 — San Diego, CA (free tickets)

June 9 — Phoenix, AZ (free tickets)

June 10 — Tucson, AZ (free tickets)

June 12 — Albuquerque, NM (free tickets)

June 13 — Santa Fe, NM (free tickets)

June 15 — Denver, CO (free tickets)

June 17 — Fort Collins, CO (free tickets)

June 19 — Casper, WY (free tickets)

June 20 — Provo, UT (free tickets)

June 22 — Salt Lake City, UT (free tickets)

June 23 — Boise, ID (free tickets)

June 25 — Spokane, WA (free tickets)