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Writing Fiction, Creating Truths

When you write a memoir, you’re tapping into the part of your brain that remembers events as they occurred. You then filter that information — those facts — through the part of your brain that allows you to digest them and convey them to others in an interesting way. You create a truth. Your truth.

When you write fiction, you skip the first step and move straight to the creative part of your brain. You have to conceive of events that didn’t happen and then explain them as if they did. You still need a beginning and end, and you still have to provide information along the way, but not having facts to draw from — experiences to milk for the sensory information and small details that give a story concrete legitimacy — can be incredibly taxing. You have to build a truth from scratch.

I remember a time — it’s easily remembered, because it was less than a year ago — when I would have told anyone who asked that I was all about storytelling, but I preferred to glean my truths from experience. That was my forte, and that’s what I would stick with, thank-you-very-much. I’d leave fiction writing to the masochists who wanted to sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

But then I dipped my toes in the water, first contributing a short story to Joshua Fields Millburn’s book Falling While Sitting Down, then Asymmetrical Press’ 31 Days of Short Stories.

I thought: “Hey, maybe I can do this after all.”

Then I thought: “But maybe not. Those were really short stories, and books are long.”

Finally, I thought: “Screw it, I’ll bet I can do it. And if I write a book that sucks, I’ll be one step closer to writing one that doesn’t. And I’ll drink ’til I forget.”

I can be very convincing sometimes.


Today, I’m super excited to announce that my first full-length work of fiction is available, and it will cost you less than a fancy cup of coffee.

The book is the first in a series called Real Powers, and it’s probably best filed under the genre ‘speculative fiction,’ which means it has elements of science fiction (it’s set about 15 years from now), but without spaceships, aliens, or laser cannons. Mostly, I speculate as to what things will look like a decade and a half from now through the eyes of six different characters as they ride the wave of a global economic and ideological upset.

The feedback from alpha and beta readers has been phenomenal (from people who typically like sci-fi, and those who don’t), and I’ve been looking forward to this launch for a long while now.

Here’s the synopsis:

It’s 2027, and as the global economy shifts from unprecedented prosperity into harsh decline, the world’s experts struggle to understand why.

A young blogger discovers a device with a hidden purpose, an idealistic journalist upends her career by targeting the people who own the news, a master media manipulator questions his work and takes on a challenging new client, an energy tycoon bristles as her powerful position is challenged, and a technologist-turned-cult leader questions his own faith.

The hacktivist group Opus makes headlines around the world — their intentions unclear. And spurred by events he doesn’t fully understand, an unaccomplished young man born into a political dynasty decides to shatter conventions and expectations to take his rightful place in the world.

If you’re looking for something new to read, want to learn more about what the world could look like in 2027, enjoy an adventurous tale with interesting and strange characters, or just want to support my work, head on over to Amazon where you can snag a copy of Real Powers: Part One for a lightweight $2.99.

If you pick up a copy, I’d really appreciate a review up on Amazon — those things help immensely for future sales. Feel free to tell your friends, readers, grandmother, goldfish, or other favorite people about the book, if you think they’d enjoy it, too!

Also: a paperback version of the book will be available within a few weeks. You can see the cover below.

Also also: if you want to keep up with the series, I’ve got a blog up where I’ll be writing supplementary stories and providing launch info for the second book. There’s a Facebook page too, if you like liking things.

Real Powers Part One cover by Colin Wright