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Writing the Words

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I never thought I would write for a living. I spent some time when I was younger cobbling together news analysis pieces for a few newspapers, and I went through a period where I wrote a lot of poetry and solemn lyrics, performed on guitar at coffee shops in front of uninterested audiences, but I never saw it as anything more than a hobby. Something I did alongside my real craft. Something I did for fun.

Of course, it’s still something I do for fun, but there’s a lot more to it than that these days. Today I write books, I write dispatches to subscribers (paid and otherwise), I write one sheets and press releases for my work and the work of other amazing authors I’m fortunate enough to work with. The more I write, the more words I feel like I have available to me, and all I have to do is make sure they’re delivered in the proper order.

Depending on the platform, that order can be vastly different. In Exiles, a paid dispatch that I publish every two weeks, I write about personal revelations and experiences I have while traveling, working on businessy things, or that simply come to mind while ruminating about the past or future. In Let’s Know Things, I draw upon my news analyzing past and discuss current topics of note, doing my best to put them in context as concisely as possible. In my free newsletter, I share project- and lifestyle-related items of note, along with a short essay to tie the items together. Here on Exile Lifestyle, I present my more well-honed essays — pieces that I think will be shareable and quotable for folks to chew on. And in my books, I share my thoughts on philosophy and tell stories — some real and some fictional.

I’ve recently implemented a redesign of the site, and it will continue to evolve in little ways in the coming weeks, but this is essentially the look I’ve been wanting to present. The content is (quite literally) central, with a no-nonsense navigation on the left, and other ways to connect with me on the right. Also on the right side is another type of publishing I engage in — my Twitter feed is where I share the interesting tidbits from around the web, so you can follow me there or on my Facebook page to keep up with what I’m intellectually ingesting at any given time.

I’m going to be experimenting with bringing snippets of work from the various platforms listed above to this central site, as well. That will mean an essay from Exiles (out of the five I publish to subscribers every two weeks), or a particularly well-received news analysis piece from Let’s Know Things. I’ll share updates from the newsletter, and excerpts from my books, too.

Like everything I do, this redesign is a work in progress, and I’d love to hear your feedback. Thank you so much for helping me do what I do — putting the words where I think they should go, and presenting them to you.