I would never tell you that you can’t do something.


Because you know what? We live in the future. Absolutely anything is possible.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s how.

That’s how awesome we are as a species. Go team!

That being said, there are things that can’t be. Not in an absolute sense. These things could be, but they shouldn’t to a level that if they were to be, the consequences would be so astronomically bad that no sane person could ever make themselves move forward with the steps that would lead to it.

Nuclear war is a good example of this. What kind of crazy person could possibly think that nuclear war would be a good idea? At what point should we just laugh at our country’s posturing when it comes to nuke-related threats?

“You didn’t do what I wanted, so I’m going to end that world. That’ll show you.”

Give me a break.

This kind of situation isn’t always on such a large scale.

The decision to aim for mediocrity, for example, is a death-sentence for any person with ambitions. It doesn’t matter how you arrive at this decision or what kind of justifications you’re throwing around as to why you stopped trying. The moment you stop striving is the moment you nuke your life.

Sure, there’s a chance you can come back from something like that, but think of the fallout. It takes generations for things like that to wear off.

So that’s it. You’re human so you can do anything. You could detonate the planet or napalm your dreams, but you can’t. You won’t. Because you have immense power at your fingertips and all you have to do is use it for something positive.

Just be careful where you point it when you pull the trigger.

Update: December 2, 2016

We’ve just had a fairly historic election here in the US, and I’m no longer certain of my past claim that no one in power is nutty enough to start a nuclear war.