Today, someone got married. Someone also died. Someone else was bored out of their mind.

‘Today’ is just a small collection of moments in time, and what happens today may be the most important thing that ever happens to us or may not even warrant a footnote in the story of our lives.

This is important for two reasons.

First, it means you can fail today and tomorrow will still be there to wash away any bruises on your body or ego. There are consequences to everything, but it’s amazing how effective a balm some sleep and a new morning can be.

Second, it means that although you may be doing pretty well today, someone else isn’t. When you deal with others aspire not to be part of the reason they’re suffering during these 24 hours.

Have a good day.

Update: February 19, 2017

I experimented off and on with shorter, simpler posts over the years, and when I read them today, I generally like them better than the more common verbose ones.

That’s a natural progression for a lot of writers though, I think. As we become more confident and capable, we also spend less time fluffing up our words and more time delivering the information we want to present to the reader.

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