The world can be a dreadful place: Dark, savage, opportunistic, and full of villains.

It can seem like all the good people are relegated to the pages of history books, and any vestiges of a positive definition for the word ‘humanity’ are archived with them.

It may seem that way sometimes, especially in the midst of a caffeine-crash, mood swing, or ‘Breaking News’ marathon, but there’s plenty to be excited about out there. The world, and the people in it, are full of potential. Immense, inspiring, world-shaping potential.

Literally everything that is and can be is out there to see and marvel over. If you ever find yourself lacking the potential for wonderment, you’re either not paying attention, or observing from a vantage point that’s denying you an amazing view.

The world is an infinitely compelling, inspiring, fascinating place. And beyond this world are other worlds, and beyond those, still more. If you look outward at all of that — everything in nature, and everything we’ve created as part of that larger ecosystem — and can’t find something that makes you happy, it may be time to adjust your perspective.

Update: April 15, 2017

Another way of saying this: find excuses to be in awe. Daily. And if you can’t find anything now, start learning more about science and technology and history and anything at all. The more you learn, the more you realize how much truly awesome stuff is out there to be amazed by.

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