Worthless Philosophies

There are as many valid philosophies in the world as there are people to have them.

But for a philosophy to be truly useful, to be more than just another element on your Facebook profile or team logo to wear on your sweater, it has to be practiced.

You have to live your philosophy, or it’s not your philosophy. You can’t just admire it from a safe distance, unwilling to put in the effort required to change your actions to fit your theories, or unable to muster the courage to face the potential consequences of having your ideas proven wrong in the field.

By refusing to walk the talk, you’re showing admiration for an idea but not supporting its legitimacy. You’re talking big game, but never dribbling the ball.

We as people are the sum of what we do, not what we think. A good philosophy that you don’t adhere to is worthless.

Update: February 23, 2017

I can’t remember exactly when I learned the Icelandic word lifspeki, which means the practical philosophy that you demonstrate through your actions, but it essentially describes what I wrote about, here. I love that word, as it concisely describes the true philosophy we adhere to, rathe than those we tell ourselves we believe in.

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