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Where People Want Me to Go (So Far)

One of the best parts of the Exile Lifestyle project is getting to see where my readers think I should live, and why.

Since I reopened voting last week, I’ve already received several hundred really great pieces of advice, and I figure it would be a shame if I were to be the only one benefitting from them.

So to that end, here are some of the votes that have come in so far, along with the reasoning given by the voter (by the way, if you want an indication of which countries have the most votes for the first week, check out the graph in the photo up top):

Slovakia. Slovakia doesn’t get as much love as the Czech Republic.

Burkin Faso. Burkin Faso is the poorest country in the world, I´m interested in how you would survive there.

Bulgaria. Clean water, healthy food, friendly people, beautiful women. You may get married there.

Switzerland. Switzerland is a strange and very small country in the middle of Europe (geographically at least). 4 languages are spoken, the landscapes are breath-taking, there’s tons of chocolate, wine and cheeses to enjoy and each part is very different from the other. Not to mention it’s close to France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

I’m from Lausanne, so it’s my favorite town. It’s small and quite friendly, and offers a quick access to lovely areas by the lake (including Lavaux). Geneva is 60 km and 40 minutes away by train.

South Africa. Well you haven’t done Africa…and i just watched a youtube on cage diving.

Greece. It’s an incredibly inspiring country and I’ve been voting this shit for like a year now!! MAY GREECE WIN FUCKERS!!!


Germany. There is a rich modern history there, one you can’t find anywhere else that’s so controversial. I think it would give you a greater understanding of human ethics. Oh, and great buildings.

United Kingdom. You need to come here, this country is in dire need of your amazingness!

Apart from that, we’re kinda cool :-) Plus we’re holding the Olympics next year! Thats got to be worth seeing and being a part of!

Its a small country, but home of King Arthur!

So you can travel to Lands End and see the end of the UK stopping by historic Stone Henge and London (I’m in Canary wharf.)

Travel up more to quaint Oxford and Cambridge for history and punting with a cider or beer.

Take a break to the Peak District to see the wildest forms of landscapes we have.

Go further up and hunt for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland and enjoy the Haggis.

Theres Wales! Search for the Dragon and enjoy the rain and sheep. Cross the Giants Causeway to Ireland, the Emerald Isle for Leprechauns and Guinness and get lost in the fairy tales.

We’re a cracking good country that everyone needs to visit at least once in their life time!

And now i need to get back to work, i get distracted by your website.

Have a good day dear sir!

Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, with its awesome capital Baku, wonderful mountainous regions like Quba, Qabala…is a unique place to travel. Baku is a western city with eastern elements including its Old City, Maiden Tower, mosques or churches.
You will like it <3 for sure.

Georgia. Mountains.

A unique, ancient language with its own indecipherable writing system.

A large winemaking industry since forgotten by the West.

A culture that holds friendship as the noblest virtue requires that people be hospitable, almost to a fault.

Polyphonic, dagger-wielding choirs.


Selfishly: My chance to live vicariously through your posts, until I make my way to Tbilisi myself.

Best of luck!

Portugal. Dear Colin,

We need you for inspiration!

We Portuguese are the guys who spawned Magellan and Columbus (this one is debatable, but we like to keep a hand in this particular fray).

Yet it seems to me we’ve lost our sense of adventure and our world-traveling spirit. We are far too worried about our mortgages, our job security and whether (and how) we’ll be able to pay our ludicrously high national debt.

Our 20 year olds want to get MBA’s and good jobs. And who can blame them, when they look at the shambles we oldies have got ourselves into (I’m a young 50 my son is an old and wise 22).

But I say you are only young once – bring back the Backpackers-Guide-To-Europe lifestyle of my youth. So please, Colin, come and tell my son and his cronies what it’s all about.

What’s in it for you? A small but beautiful country; a new continent to explore; cheap living – at least by European standards; friendly people, many of whom speak English…and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a couple more things you’ll enjoy.

Canada. I don’t know.

Turkey. Its at a crossroads, has always influences from the east as well as the west. Its islamic but secular. The architecture would be great, the food is suppose to be fantastic and the people are said to enjoy the simple things in life.

Everyone that I know that has visited wants to go back there but I think living there immersed in the culture would be so much better than just visiting.

Israel. because colinisraeli amazing!!! ;~))) xoxoxox

Maldives. It’s a place I have to visit before the oceans swallow it up forever, it’s a must see on my list.

Croatia. Croatia is a pretty cool place. I’ve only been to Dubrovnik one day, but had the best pizza EVER there. My friend has been there 3x on sailing trips and loved it. He agrees about the pizza. The Dalmatian islands are supposed to be like the Riviera.

Singapore. Jim Rogers digs it. Derek Sivers digs it. There must be something great going on there. I’m curious how it compares to other places in terms of freedom from government interference.

Canada. Exile Lifestyle Crosses The World’s Biggest Country.

Colin, here’s your travel itinerary for Canada.

Victoria BC, ferry to Vancouver BC for a week or two.
Vancouver to Calgary AB to see cowboys and prairies.
Calgary Alberta to Yellowknife North West Territories.

Yellowknife is north of 60th parallel, has wicked northern lights, and serves caribou and muskox in their restaurants. Booming because of the Gold Rush. Yellowknife to Winnipeg Manitoba, party town Canada. Winnipeg to Toronto Ontario for world class city experience. Toronto to Montreal Quebec to step back in time to French Canada. Montreal to St. JOhns Newfoundland to dip your toe in the most eastern land point in North America.

I did it when I was 23. It’s an incredible country. Let me know if you make it to Toronto, I’ll make sure you have an amazing experience in my city.

Germany. BERLIN!!!

I’m living here currently for a year till 04/2012 and I find it one of the most awesome cities in the world. It’s so much fun and full of crazy and creative people, it might blow your mind.

I’d even offer to take you out to the legendary Berghain club. ;)

Seychelles. The Seychelles islands are my “emergency escape plan”. If something awful happens (ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!!), this is where I’m headed. I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say about it.

Creole is an easy enough language to learn. :)

Zimbabwe. last country on every list.

Mongolia. Because name any other country that almost conquered the world and they build a giant wall to keep them out. Without the Mongols pushing West we would have never had most of the modern science concepts the Muslims had. It also has Lake Bakal the largest in the world(Or deepest one of those) the people are sturdy and I can give you the first word to learn “Sembenot” Hello in Mongol.

Czech Republic. You inspired me to quit my life in Maine and move to Prague. So now I think it’s your turn!

Bhutan. Bhutan is the only country to measure happiness, and it has a GNH scale (Gross National Happiness). It is a beautiful nation tucked away in the Himalayas, and would give you a great opportunity to meet the interesting and peaceful people. Also, depending on which you are more interested in, you will be hard pressed to find somewhere better for either climbing or meditating and “finding yourself” so to speak.

Brazil. Do I really have to?

Brazil is not only one of the most beautiful countries of the world but is also a rising economy, with great people, lovely food and beaming with opportunities.

And I live here, too. ;-)

Gibraltar. Gibraltar’s small size (only 2.6 square miles!) presents the opportunity to explore a culture more intimately and with more detail. Instead of being being allowed to generalize about the society, you’ll be forced to pick it apart and approach the people and way of life with a fine toothed comb. Plus, the macaques are pretty, freaking cool.

Want to sound off and tell me where I should live next? Cast your vote!